• To the dude who can’t shut the fuck up

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    Does anyone here care if you think you’re some kind of adonis who makes money? I really don’t think so. You are making yourself look like an ass, and if you were really Mr. Awesome, why would you be here delusionally thinking your ex is here? Your looks, money and sexual prowess must be delusions as well. There are many people in this world that are good looking and make excellent money. The difference is that they don’t need to brag about it if it’s true.

    Instead of being Letters I’ll Never Send, this website has turned into a ridiculous soap opera of a couple of people interacting crazy delusional scenes. Please, other letter writers come out of the woodwork and give us some new material!

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    3 Responses to To the dude who can’t shut the fuck up

    1. Beneath the surface ?
      August 16, 2013 at 11:01 pm

      Sometimes the real story is the message between the lines.

      But this one didn’t require the need for such deep thought.
      There’s a axiom among people who are or were high achievers. Respect for accomplishment.

      Maybe it was just me, but I was reading more about the humanity side of the man’s story and
      it is my observation that he included this, much like a good writer would paint a full picture for the reader.
      The mention of good fortune, IMO was used as a springboard to be able to deliver the real message.

      To me this was a true life tale of someone who worked hard, may have had some luck (every actor
      alive says luck was the key to their initial start) lived a high life for some time, got the living heck beat out of him by an ex wife, lost a job due to some woman and is recovering from serious losses.

      The real message I caught was that love and family were more important to him than the former way of life. He was painting a picture and it resonated with me.
      Personally, I was moved by his story. I could easily relate as I’ve seen the same happen to people in his position who were very, very close to me. Very often, it was due to factors out of their control.

      Carry On.

      Just Observing


    2. goodbye
      August 17, 2013 at 12:30 am

      It doesn’t really matter we all exp love in a different way …society often forgets in reationship when seperated one or the other is hurt more then the other and just wants closure it doesn’t make them anythung more then wanting closure…as for the self destruction such as druguse its usualy due to wanting to numb the pain of loving someone who doesn’t love you back if nonever did at all


    3. @goodbye
      August 17, 2013 at 3:20 pm

      Now I do drugs to do I. Where the fuck did you hear that one from. What from your distant cousin from my old work where you helped me leave there. Every single person said I should be angry, even the other day I could have sought compensation, & I’m talking a lot! So be fortunate I’m not a bitter person like you. Did you really know why if you are they as my boss knew what “medication” I was on for a family loss and your abandonment and toxic emotional torture! for the whole entirety and yes you destroyed this once loving man as you did to every single other ex. Your own words! I was becoming an insomniac! I informed word I was and still am so much medication so I can sleep, function and live. Imagine if you kept fighting it and not went the path I thought of for you once more for what I believed we had. Do you know what it does to a person who loses their sleep and didn’t sleep for over 40 nights straight!!! Only bouts of sudden deep sleep when I sat down, leant on something, I had to still go to work to live. I have lost so much weight, over 25kf from 100kg in such a short time, I was passionate about cooking and now food is just that as t doesn’t interest me. YOU have basically killed me and shortened my life did you know so thank you for all its worth.no one at all. How do you think my mum is going to react when, or if I die now, tomorrow soon whatever! She has just lost her lifelong partner my father. Oh no you didn’t come to the funeral or open your door when all I wanted was to be held by someone I thought may have cared….wrong once again.Once more you only ever thought about you. If you must know too, I challenged my bosses to a drug test many times and said quite happily I’ll do one right now and by law so c an you and I also pointed out two others…guess what they shat themselves and told me not to worry! Why would a boss say such a thing? Think about it? I’d do one right now in front of you if that’d prove otherwise! but then I’d say drink this non believer! haven’t said anything to anyone on that Thank you so very much! And your the victim. I think not! I was such a mess because of you. You hurt me so much and I forgave you still. I allowed you to nearly kill me and I have never been the same man I once was. You were the worst thing to ever enter my life EVER. You also caused me so much distress I got type one diabetes at my age! I’m not meant to get it at this age! The specialist believes it was because your caused me so much grief and heartache that is was brought on! I’m being made a study of because of you. And still not angry as you will see in my last letter today. I hope you are happy once you have read it as I have written that last letter for you. I won’t be around though as I’m off. Thanks once more. Rem ember what you’ve done. Do not search or enquire as my mum must never know as she thinks I go on holiday lol.



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