• Thoughts and Ramblings on Materialistic Possesions and the Quest for Genuine Happiness

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    You can say many things about many people. The endless amount of gossip that one can pile on is astounding. Through the trials and tribulations of simply being a human being in the culture that we have brought ourselves today you might say that it is almost a silly and utterly ridiculous state of existence. What we have created for ourselves has ironically been the cause of such unequal distributions of monetary success. Now it is my displeasure of bringing up the cliché of the issues of trying to obtain happiness through material possessions – that is one concept that has been drawn and endless number of comparisons to as well as an endless number of books and movies. Rather it is the lack of material possessions that can put a poor soul through the wringer and spit it out again. Knowing that your life is in a very specific way inferior or not all encompassing compared to others.

    This emptiness is something that is taught; something that is manufactured. I have come across many people in many situations where this emptiness is all so evident. That is not to say that myself or any of the people I respect are innocent of that feeling but then again who is to say that hypocrites do not deserve their own time of pensive retrospection? I may be guilty but that is not to say that my crime comes from a lack of understanding or a lack of application. Sometimes the manufactured society just can’t help but directly affect oneself and that is inevitable.

    But there is another way to feel a sense of emptiness. This unsatisfaction can manifest itself as many different feelings: loss, loneliness, desire, etc. Now everyone feels this emptiness as well as the one I previously delved into, but the difference with this form of loneliness is that it is innate. Culture might augment it and influence it greatly but all in all we are people who deal with other people. Human lives who interact with other humans who have their own lives. And the lack of a proper human situation in correlation to one’s own life can alter one’s emotions accordingly.

    I have met many people in my life, and I admire and respect people who probably have felt alone and empty in their lives. But this isn’t the silly emptiness – my respect for these people come from the fact that they feel empty for all the right reasons. A longing for specific human interactions that comes from a depth and genuineness that no other concept or item can quench that person’s thirst. You can live behind a veil and that might shadow yourself from another person but ultimately there is always one person who known what is under that veil: yourself.

    For the lack of wanting to sound like a preacher or a person who has all of the answers – I am neither. I am just a man who is making quaint and calculated observations through the eyes of a curious learner. We can all dress up for the party and lose ourselves behind the eminence front, that isn’t to say it was all in vain but that emptiness won’t go away simply because we choose to try and repeal it with false advertisements and dishonest displays.

    Unfortunately there are situations in which being honest with oneself may not be enough. To be honest all of the luck and fortune in the world cannot bring one all of one’s requests properly fulfilled, especially when dealing with other human beings with other emotions. This can be a tough concept to live through because the emptiness will be there through that whole ordeal. But when dealt with in a proper and meaningful way, it isn’t that you will be void of the emotional distress that ordeal caused you – but rather the ability to make the first step in a long steady walk to where you are going to be next.

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    1. brit
      August 18, 2013 at 7:20 am

      Great thoughts and well worded.
      Its not always the hand your dealt as much as how you play that is important. Life is hard but even so we all control not a thing but ourself. You may have fallen down or mentally checked out over hardship but its all about realizing and making a change for the better. As for honesty and the part about it not always being enough. I disagree. Honesty is all this world needs.

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