• Mind blown

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    I’m trapped in a jail cell, with a maniac…trying to chew my way out.
    So…I’m left again, alone, with lots of furry friends…getting a million licks…
    I looked you up, was I 17, first love, stars in my eyes, still a child, innocent of men, stupidly stumbling……I messed up, because you wanted to lead, I couldn’t even admit it to myself, till I just began to understand me, it was, only a few dreams ago…..was it all a dream?
    I had more fun with your family, than ever with mine…
    I saw your face today, first time, since I was 17, then I knew, my eyes caressed you, my heart bled, here trapped in this cell, I know. I love you like never before, me with my hundreds of flaws, now my chances gone, I sent you a little hello, you saying nothing back, I cut out the profile, now it’s my turn to cry….
    Remember, when my real. Daddy died, I got that little pittance, I saved
    It, I didn’t have anything else of his, it payed for the house, when it got tough….
    I will hold every memory of you as sacred, every touch as special,
    Thank you for caring, now no one does….
    Thank you for everything

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