• fuck you

    by  • August 16, 2013 • Anger • 1 Comment

    i’m done with being an annoyance to you or made to feel like i’m not worth your time any more, made to feel like it’s an inconvenience to talk to me.

    Today is the day I have changed my view on you and not in a good way either.

    All I have done is be nice to you and try to treat you like someone who is very special to me and all I get in return, is made to feel like I’m not worth your time, like I’m completely worthless to you. Well that’s fine because you obviously don’t really care about me or my feelings so I won’t contact you again, If i’m such an inconvenience to you.

    Don’t bother coming over to my house don’t bother calling me when you have no one to talk to and need entertaining i’m not some fucking toy you can just pick up and play with when u are bored and put down when you have had enough.

    what do you think I have, ANDY written on my foot in permanent marker pen? No! so fuck you. I’m not going to come running every time you want me to, how about you go and jerk yourself off instead i mean you have enough magazines hiding under your bed.

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    1. jp
      August 17, 2013 at 6:55 am

      Good on ya!



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