• The dirty secret kept from Alaska

    by  • August 14, 2013 • Betrayal • 0 Comments

    I guess I’m the idiot here. I knew by allowing you back in my life that I would have to watch out for my stupid heart. First off, shame on you for the stupid lies, and broken promises. It turns out you and your long distance girlfriend from Alaska are one in the same. Enjoy your “relationship” built upon lies and deceit. She must be so great, I mean she had the camping trips with her husband and wouldn’t give you the time of day. Then she has the day trip to Seattle with her ex husband to see her boys graduation. Then it turned out to be a weekend trip, and no big deal that they shared the hotel room and the son left the state on the night of graduation. So I’m sure they didn’t do anything in that hotel room alone, especially since the ex husband paid for it all. Once again, she didn’t have the time of day to even text you. Let us not forget what happend the first weekend she moved into her own apartment to be away from her husband. There was that 30yr old guy she had sex with…something for the perfect mother of 3 to be proud of in her 37yrs of life experience. What about the DUI she got recently? She left her kids home alone to go out to the bar. Then when she gets arrested, who does she call??? Her husband, not you. She works a part time job, but manages to go to her work out/body building classes. Which are not free, but if your body affords you to live the lifestyle of all these vacations, why not, right? After all you spent a couple thousand for her first Sturgis trip. You say she is so intelligent and such a great person. You are correct, she has no trouble manipulating you and other men into getting what she wants, instead of working hard at real jobs like the rest of us. Her moral integrity is fabulous as well. I guess she wouldn’t mind knowing about us reconnecting, it’s no different than what she normally does. How many times was I in your bed while you two skyped?

    Who was there and took care of you when you got hurt? Who cared? Who is the idiot that would do it all over again? I need to take lessons from you two. I thought we had a friendship, I wasn’t confused about what we were not. Even though you would have to tell me you loved me every so often, and I didn’t say it back every time. Don’t you dare say you love me. You obviously don’t know the first thing about love! Don’t be calling me when she and her husband take the Christmas vacation to Florida.

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