• Rainbows

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    The best thing that happens at the worst time of your life is that you get to see the true colors for who they really are.

    Look at how colorful they are! For they aren’t sorry one bit for that they did & what they did. Emotional trauma at it finest. The only thing they are only sorry for is that they got caught. As they continue to deny to everyone that will listen & to convince themselves that they aren’t what they know they really are. They project their colorful light at the other & proclaim that it is they who has had their light dimmed not I they say as look how colorful I am. It is never my color it is always they. I need to retouch my color as it’s running once more. Why does this always happen to me. I am bright & shiny this is not my fault. No. For I am a collection of colors like a rainbow, they look so good to the eye & like a rainbow they are just a reflection of light that is just that. A colorful light that no one can ever get close to as they are not made of any tangible substance & will always continue to think they bask in the light which is true. Just a cruel trick our honest eyes fail to register for their beauty is really a shade of grey neither colorful or appealing once their true colors which are a shade not a color at all. A lie that is life is revealed to they who is their intended victims.

    The moment they stopped trying I already knew they stopped caring. For all their color they think problems are like stop signs they are not they are guildlines we live by. Being so colorful you are is such a pretty thing to see for you showed who you really are & one day you will be so colorful you won’t have anything to show yourself to as your colorful tricks won’t last forever as you will e a shade like shadow that attaches itself to those who fall prey.

    Karma has no deadline.

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