• For you & to the most beautiful girl with

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    hey man
    I might be wrong and making mistake
    with all the respect.
    my initials I.N.
    my wife initials.A.N
    I guess your initials B.H and you are trainer.
    my Congratulations You won!!!!!!!!!!
    since she met you she got in love with you.
    I still Love her very much but she is not anymore. I don’t deserve her. yes Iam Dork 🙂
    yes we got married because of the “Reason”
    she is all yours.
    Act like man instead writing an anonymous letter here and on CL……………….
    again I might be wrong and making mistake
    if it is you that was good job!!!!!!!! you are really amazing writer!!!!!
    To tell the truth I envy you!!!!
    I lost the most beautiful girl I have ever Loved..
    Thank You
    my Apologies if said or did anything wrong
    She is waiting you do smth!!
    I can only stay on side and wish you all the best be happy with her and try make her happy…Trainer

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