• Final Conclusion

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    Dear Obsessed,

    What you speak of is not love. But I am not going to define that as it isn’t my place. This is my conclusion, as I a now retiring. I do not desire to return to this place, nor others. I have what I needed.

    Deep down, I believe you are a good person. I also believe you got off on the wrong track somewhere along the line. I had no idea how far your roots went back; I believe this was hidden intentionally.

    No matter. We all get our lumps in life.

    I do have an urge, maybe it’s just the man in me, to let you know what I have observed. First, I have daily mind twisters posted in my area. I know the source, as they have very consistent names, messages, etc, etc. I know the intent.

    Here’s my analysis: Your greatest psychic damage during your lifetime has come from you know who. There is a commonality I see in some aspects of personality. But one thing I know for certain. Your life has been shaped (and mis shaped) by this person and they have messed with your mind so badly, so many times, that you no longer know what end is up.

    I don’t know about early abuse story, precisely. But that isn’t where the primary damage came from. If I knew more, it may if it occurred) been some catalyst to seek out those who would misuse a precious little girl. (Sorry, sometimes I see you as an innocent child, who never deserved, never asked for, never wanted, anything other than to be held like a father would hold his daughter after something that made her cry; maybe a dying dog. True concern, true compassion,no possibility *whatsoever* of an adult misusing any power one may have on a pure hearted, innocent child who just needed protection)

    It incenses me to see it happening again.

    I felt I owed you my thoughts, as what’s left is a concern for your well being. I will no longer ‘butt in’ and like The Wizard (My first post) my balloon lines have come undone. I can’t return as the winds are swiftly taking me to where I hope, is “home.”

    I am a neutral observer at this point. The information is yours to do what you want. Ms. Independent…crippled by control. Doesn’t seem like the real you.
    But I can guarantee you, as I have in the past on every one of those characters: I am right in my assessment.

    I pray you have the strength to live through it. No need to answer, I won’t be reading it. Whatever happens, will happen.

    I will no longer know the outcome, as I wish to remove myself from the insanity that is simply too hard to watch. There was a purpose; and it was for my recovery.

    The island hopping is finished, they are shipping me home.

    Good Night. And Good Luck

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    1. tricia
      August 14, 2013 at 10:15 am

      I will leave a comment anyway though, I know you said you wont be back on to read.

      This letter is very sad.. One that hit me from within the deepest part of me.. Not because I am a commenter “Thinking,” this letter is addressed to me but from someone who can relate as the recipient. This letter is written in vague terms and “around the bush,” kind of talk.. One that can be interpreted very easily into whatever the readers absorb it as . Key words I guess you can say I relate to. Lastly, I hope wherever your travels take you.. That you too are wished happiness by the one this letter is intended for..

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