• Dear Sister,

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    You’re starting high school next year.

    I’m worried because high school was, for me, both good and bad. I was bullied for a lot of it. Then I was popular for some of it. I made some bad decisions like smoking, and some fun decisions like girls and alcohol.

    I don’t think I could ever find a way to say this to you, so I decided to type this here and just see how it reads.

    Very soon you’ll be growing up. Our mum and your dad will put a lot of pressure on you so that you don’t fuck up. But I’m saying…

    Do what you have to do to have a good time. It’s all any of us can do. As long as life is enjoyable, you’ve cracked it. You’ll grow up and make the right decisions when and where you have to, trust me on this one. Don’t try too hard and it will all come together.

    Big bro x

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