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    I had to stop bookmarking my love letters to you. My bookmarks were starting to become like Godzilla… large and out of control.

    This is just a letter to tell you how amazing you are. You are damn amazing. I want to claw your clothes off and take advantage of you in every way imaginable. Just so you know.

    You’re like a present filled with presents…. and there’s no time like the present. I need you now. And tomorrow. And yesterday. Let’s get a home together. Let’s have babies. Let’s get married. Not in that order.

    Oh man, deflowering you is going to be so much fun.

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    1. Right Amount Of Sylables
      August 15, 2013 at 3:01 pm

      Can’t as I was where I said I would wait today. Great Italian food. Busy too. I see why you go there. First time I have ever ate by myself. Felt great, a pinot noir, I even had entree’s & mains. Unusual for me as I like my well toned Spartan like physice now. Wspecailly when I wear polo tops all the time now. Women are so funny when all they can do is try & NOT LOOK for more than a longing glance lol. I didn’t once never ever think of myself as a very good looking man. I realise now I am:) Not that is what I’ve ever been about. Its always been more the intelligence that goes with a woman as love only grows as intelligence but fades as we grow old lol. Till this very instant, right now I still wanted you and loved you and would have jumped a million hoops on fire napalm even… but NO as now this never crossed my mind as I say to you, you should have never cut that chord a you said to me. Its all BS that crap chord this that lol, how about a noose for a chord? She who ran and always run from men as I cut, no not even as its only just a single thread, it wont be enough to make a noose, I hold this whatever crap this is that I held onto which you cut along time ago as you said.

      Oh have you also throw out the electric toothbrush I bought as you said you burnt everything that I bought or gifted you when you cut the chird. Or are you lying AGAIN? They were all gifts by the way so if you don’t burn it think on this? That toothbrush was what you will always remember me by a love you threw away & never deserved or knew what we could have been…….NOTHING NOW.


    2. Bridge
      August 15, 2013 at 3:22 pm

      Who is lying? You cannot sever the cord, just as I cannot. It is tied to your heart as surely as it is tied to mine. It can be masked, but I will never mask it again. I love you, fool. I love you. I will never lie to you again. Not once. Try me.


    3. Bridge
      August 15, 2013 at 3:23 pm

      I was never nothing to you, as you were never nothing to me. Pretending does neither of us any good.


    4. @Bridge
      August 15, 2013 at 9:05 pm

      I said this so I can move on as how can I make the first move!!!!!!!!! You know this so what am I suppose to do silly billy:(

      I have always loved you and I have said this to try and convince myself I don’t but I can’t bullshit what I have always felt which is only love pure and simple. Tell me then if it was not said what would I do? I can’t as what you want to see me in more trouble again not once but twice. That shook me to the core and I never expected that. I’m still not even angry or anything as that is how much I bloody love you Wonder Woman.

      To even prove this point I am at a Italian restaurant again about to get out of my car and wait in hope. I can’t go on in limbo forever this isn’t fair on me or you. You are the only one who can make this move and you haven’t so what am I meant to do.

      Fucked either way. To never see or hear or feel a love I thought was heavenly. This kills me quite literally. You do know I’ve had such a broken heart I have collapsed on more than one occasion? NO shit. You think I lie saying I love you if it hurts me so much not being with you!

      Imagine your dad now imagine me not once but twice near death from being heartbroken. That is how much I love you. I cringe thinking I’ll never come across a love like we had did you know as that is what you meant to me EVERYTHING. Well I’m having lunch and there’s not much more I can do…

      PLz admin put this through now yesterday as this is it for these two silly lovers lost as I literally mean not an hour to go for what its worth. This is it this post I promise you as I had to respond to her you must understand. Thank you


    5. Well? @Bridge To Far Not By Your Choice
      August 15, 2013 at 10:55 pm

      Well lunch was delicious & the service was brilliant. I even left a tip. I even asked daring if you may have booked. If you were ever so real or serious I would have seen you. Why do you but play games. Do you like to tear a mans heart asunder that much more? It’s way more than emotional torture it’s nothing short of scary YOU:( I can say I have never thought you would be someone who stoops to such a level that can only be just above hell for that’s where you keep putting parts of my loving happy heart. Leave me be I ask you now as one final act of compassion if you have this within you? Do you? As this will literally kill me. Fucked to think that is how much I will always love you & stupid I am for trying this long. I wish you only happiness in your life & know this I SAY TO YOU…it was never ever me not one bit for all its worth as you made my mind believe I was at fault when really deep down I know I was the most loving man you’ll ever meet. Why do so many people even strangers say this to me as I love life, I did before lol, help so many & always put other’s first even when I know I should not. Now before any say you need to love yourself first well fuck off politely as my love is so strong & limitless I have enough to help all which I have always done.

      Once more I cancelled my own work to see if you will prove me right or wrong which you’ve done twice in two days not that you will care or worry as I can’t think of anything else. Only a few thousand not earned, yep that’s right I did something for me & work for myself as I now put work first before love as love has only cost me more than all the money in the world. I now will go & do a twelve hour stint for the night that is approaching yet again & get only a few short hours sleep. I have stopped dreaming when I work like this & have distress over you. Do you have any or are you happy as a pig in shit?

      I don’t even like how I’m speaking right now as I don’t talk like this even though I’m composed & rational, honest to mind YOU.

      This sad gamer you play with me is at an end as I promised myself today was D DAY & I will not be on the internet for however long needs be for then the chord is more than vaporized it never existed as that is all I can think of to erase you from my loving overactive intelligent mind. I couldn’t care less if I dropped dead right now & the funny thing is you would never know & still post here that I’m a prick?

      My heart hurts immensely as I “Hate” (& you know I dislike this word & never use it for anything amongst other words that shouldn’t exist)? saying anything bad or negative untowards you as I have thought “What If” God, or any luck for that matter We were reunited! That is what has kept me going till now then why where was not never gone……….:(

      Heartbroken Man Who Has Just Popped One More Pill To Stop His Heart From Dying! I am but the court jester who is no longer wanted by a Queen who has had everyone do everything for her so she has never learnt what is to unconditionally do for someone when in “True Love”. I will only remember the first three months when I knew the real you before you changed into someone I slowly didn’t know in the end & couldn’t figure out what was wrong which you still have never spoken or admitted. I know though so no need to explain anything to me for you will say this to only have forgives for yourself?

      Goodbye to you woman who I would have married, took every bullet in this world for, stand in front of any oncoming car to save you, to give everything I have as all I have ever wanted in my life is to be loved & love through thick and thin. Nothing more and nothing less. I won’t believe anything you say on here or anywhere by letter, internet, whatever. There would be only one way which you will never do as you will take the easy option as you find that easier than facing what you don’t want to hear as you could only be if you are guilty? Rambling once more for LOVE. I may not ever love again you know as I now understand why people choose not to. Yes a hollow & un-fulfilling life yet one where the lows are never this low. I hope I do not.

      This will amaze you?!?!?! Come find me & convince me otherwise?!?! MMM… You know when we always et our green orbs that are our windows to our souls tell us differently than what we both always say…..Funny that after all I’ve said & what you have more than posted. Both guilty parties. I am 50% & so you spunky monkey. Argh my feeling are kicking in again. Bye


    6. Then....A Bridge
      August 16, 2013 at 3:55 am

      Then tell me your name? Where do we live in this world? What does she call her eldest nephew…his nickname? If you can’t then………..


    7. @Bridge
      August 16, 2013 at 12:37 pm

      I didn’t have to as it was they who did it so there is no chord or anything but you emotionally torturing me as nothing will ever come of this just like your other letter again and again. Go away or do something instead of when your bored at your job that doesn’t simulate you as you are to intelligent to be there or earn what you do with a brain like you have. I never understood that as you were just being comfortable and you always said that’s not who you are yet your job is a big part of your life and so


    8. Bridge
      August 16, 2013 at 9:58 pm

      Almost all of my letters are to a man named Neil. The rest are venting about my ex-husband. If I speak to you as though you are my love, it is because in a place like this it can be hard to tell who is who sometimes. Sorry if this has caused any confusion.


    9. Appauled
      August 16, 2013 at 11:34 pm

      This is just beyond belief. You were having emotional affairs on your ever loving fiancee, God knows how many physical ones, you have a new boyfriend in a matter of days, and this was during the time when you were wooing yet another !

      Good Lord woman ! One has to wonder: HOW MANY WERE THERE?

      You want to know what I honestly now believe? Be it God, Higher Power or the way the Universe was constructed to work together for the righteous or just who inhabit the planet.
      I think this force that rewards those who follow the rules and don’t cheat in any game, the force that was and always be anti Dark Side…. just became fed up and said, “Enough is Enough ! ”

      Now another school of religious thought perceives that a built in auto correct mechanism in people will
      kick in and the wrongdoer will end up punishing themselves. Many cops will swear that the crook subconsciously wants to get caught.

      Whatever washer you want to run this through, the end result will be the same.

      When you do harm to others you will be found out eventually.


    10. Bridge
      August 17, 2013 at 12:52 pm

      You presume far too far.


    11. Vatos
      August 18, 2013 at 8:29 am

      I dont know how to start this letter becoz im still shocked… Its freaky how people can put their hole lives happening in a website to strangers but doesnt tell the person who needs to hear it… Talk about coward…

      I knw this is mostly anonymous people expressing their feeling to sum1 who can relate 2 the same experiences..and iv been reading all about this 1 girl who expresses her deepest feelings and emotion and is gona start writting a book…

      How BIG coincidence is this that im in the exact situation the girls life the exact the same 2 the last thing!! Its all so familiar,all the questions iv been askn is precisely the things i askd n the days she wrote letters on is just like how my day was!! Im digusted 2 read of the things said here, 4 a lady 2 wana scream out how u wana fuck a guy u love aint cool keep ur bedroom business 2 urself. . .

      After all how can u wana b with so many guys ? R u like desprite than.. U love 1 guy who u make out like ass 1st n than declare ur love 4 him later… U stil love ur ex husband after the shit he did 2u?? Like wtf is wrong with u girl?

      U know hey thers this beautiful girl i love so much with all my heart, i wish she didnt have 2 let me know n just take my hand n say baby lets work on this. . . The words i dream 2hear and stand infront of her kissing her define lips. . . Bt sumhow i just doubt it all n maybe i was the fool at the end. . . I really hope not, i cant seem 2 even gather she’ll say such hurtful things and rude things about me,it cant be her!! It cant!!

      Its one thing 2 say bad things about ur x but 2 be so cold heart,arrogant and completely inconsiderate,YET u claim 2 love him?! U messd up! U have no right 2 make anyone feel so low and that person cant defend themselves. . . I dont knw who u r watever name u use bt u will never be Happy! Believe me…

      Everyone makes mistakes in life,dont try 2 keep u any better than next. iv been called n accused the worst unda the sun, but i dont give a fuck anymore.. Whether im emo,sad ,watever they say i am. . . I dont care,i knw who i am and i feel. . Im not gona go my hole threw prooving it 2 people who r blinded..it takes 2 to tango remember…

      So before u go critising others and feel sorry 4 urself sweep at ur own door 1st. . . And take 1 GUY at a time, u want and wish 2much at the things u far of reaching… Look what u have infront of u before its 2 late… Remember once a guy hits u,the next time he hits u dead..

      I hope my slpy head sumday will c how much i love her and how terribley i just wana be with her. . How i all wantd her here the wknd besides me snuggling u keeping her warm. . .bt i guess im not just it anymore i hope one day she wil love me so much…

      If she must ever do wot i just read and slpt with another guy n drunk. . . I will neva 4give her coz she than the biggest hypocrite i will neva speak 2her again in my life.. BUT she said its not her 🙂 & i therefore take her word.. I could b the biggest fool here, but 4 her il take that chance becoz i love her…

      These letters totally gave me a different perspective…finally found the answers 2 what i was looking 4. . .
      Vatos im out”


    12. Vatos
      August 18, 2013 at 8:45 am

      Never let fear stand in the way of Love… Fear WILL always win…


    13. Brie
      August 18, 2013 at 11:37 am

      He knows. I’ve told him here and over email and on facebook. I just have too much love to contain.

      I am not afraid. My fear will not stand in the way. I faced down my fear and made it my bitch.


    14. Delusion Much?
      August 18, 2013 at 12:53 pm

      Psychotic. Like penitentiary psychotic.

      I’m not kidding.


    15. Brie
      August 18, 2013 at 3:07 pm

      That was very constructive. Thank you.

      I could tell you what I think of you, but, you know, I’m a nice person.



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