• You can’t handle being alone can you?

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    How does it feel to keep someone there out of convenience? I know they are blaming themselves for stuff you were the cause of. You still have power over them and know they are insecure so you are taking full advantage. I know you can’t be alone. You have to have someone on deck before pulling the plug on the other. And since you can’t get anyone else, you figure what the heck right? You are disgusting and transparent. What a coward you are. That’s why you chose the partner you did. You figure if they are unattractive it isn’t so much of a loss if they wise up and at the same time it’s an easy excuse for you to lose interest. Which is in stark contrast to your past. Do they know they are second best? In your eyes they weren’t even in the running and yet there they are. Good luck going down that road. Again. Sorry, but no healthy relationship has multiple break-ups and get back togethers out of loneliness and neediness. It was doomed as soon as you opened your mouth and disrespected them the way you did. How you live with that knowledge of secret belittling and disrespect I’ll never know. No soul perhaps? You are abusive and they are merely brainwashed. Here’s to them wising up.

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      I feel like this is to me



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