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    Hello again old friend, You’re gone now, long gone. It’s been 4 years I think. I just wanted you to know that I did cry when I heard your mom thinks you’re schizophrenic and I did sob when they thought you were bipolar and I still do care about you. But your family seems to think that i’m some sort of monster and that’s ok because maybe I am. I can’t imagine the things you have heard about me. Probably that I’m still depressed and still anxious, probably that I hate myself and that i’ve given up on myself. I hope you’re happy,
    Love an old friend

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    1. Hello There M
      August 13, 2013 at 11:33 am

      I say hello old friend M,

      Who I wish was not someone who speaks from afar but face to face. If this is you by some miracle which knowing the odds here this is so unlikely I have a greater chance of winning the lottery. I better go buy a ticket as this may be my lucky day hehe.

      My family for all its worth thought nothing but admiration & wonder that their son finally found a woman who made him a proud happy man. It was only when they parted that he whispered things that should never have been shared that was for her ears and his alone. A lesson he has remembered and learnt from for future reference.

      To your descriptions of bi-polar and the other, when people go through traumatic deaths that are so close to the heart this can lead to a natural state of grief which also sometimes as in my case depression from losing such a close loved one is actual natural I have been informed. So no I wasn’t bi-polar as yes I asked to be tested as I wasn’t me which they, not just one but three replied this is a temporary “phase” as if you didn’t feel these emotions there would be in fact something wrong with you(me). It was just a cumulative effect with losing you plus work plus that, nothing more nothing less. I’m happy yes but not as happy if I was with her in any form whether platonic or more:(

      I am feeling quite exposed and venerable right now as I feel I am speaking to someone that is not she, Sea Of Stars her name is in Latin starting with M?

      I’m ever so sorry if I’m mistaken as she thought I was bi-polar & yet not why she was mistaken. Labeling people is so common these days and I believe it goes on way to much?

      My body shakes now from a love lost. Sorry Author once more. I truly am



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