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    I know I should have taken you in my arms when I was 11 and never let you go, but I didn’t know how. I will always love you. You were in my life every day for four years, far too long to just be dismissed.

    I remember one time you hadn’t heard from me in almost 3 years.
    I called you once and you came running, and I could hardly believe it, and we were so happy. Then I made the mistake of not treating you as you deserved to be treated. And I remember the last words you said to me.

    I am so very sorry.

    Everyone makes mistakes in life, but that doesn’t mean they have to pay for them forever. Sometimes good people make bad choices. It doesn’t mean they’re bad. It means they’re human.

    Time spent or time lost is so unimportant. The right now is all any of us have, to open our soul to someone, letting them into our spirit, our thoughts, our fears, our future, our hopes and dreams, our life and love.

    I know you have a new life with someone else. I know there is no place in it for me. I terribly regret the things I did to drive you away, and the things I didn’t do to keep you at my side. I know better now.

    Sorry it took a decade for me to come to my senses. Sometimes I see you in my dreams, and wish the dreams would some true. Other times, I wish the dreams would stop. Dreaming of you, but awakening to an empty bed is torture. I still cry, I still miss you, but I know we will never be together again.

    I’m so different now that I feel a reunion is impossible. Please accept my best wishes for you and your family. Maybe one day you will tell me that you haven’t totally forgotten me.

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