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    I don’t think you realise what you say to me has a really big impact on me? Not in a bad way but in a good way.

    I don’t think you realise that every message you send me I read over and over?

    I Don’T think you truly know how much you mean to me and how much I actually love you?

    I Can’t even begin to put into words how much you mean to me because it just wouldn’t mean much compared to how much I care for you and love you I am no good with words at all, and it just wouldn’t do any justice what so ever!

    I love you so much and I have since I met you, my love for you grow stronger and stronger and is still growing now..Every thing you say or do makes me love you even more. I wish you could see me for who I really am, just someone who is completely and utterly madly deeply passionately in love with you, with everything you are. If I was what you said you wanted earlier then baby you would already be mine because I would give you the world I would have that “thing” you are looking for now in a person lol .
    I would give you anything you wanted and desired I would be the one you wanted but unfortunately I am not what you want and that’s okay, because I am your best friend and I love you either way,
    I have fallen completely in love with you, I always have been in love with you. You are the person I want to spend my life with you always have been,
    maybe I haven’t shown it from the start but that is because I was scared as to what you would think and if our friendship would change but as much to my surprise it didn’t and that made me love you even more. I do love you I really hope you know that and can see it. I know we could be together if you wanted too and I would make you happy I would give up my life to be with you I would give up anything to know that I could wake up to your face every morning to kiss you and hold you and know you are mine because you are everything I want and need in life. Anyway I LOVE YOU i’ll leave it there for another day.

    I love you always my sweet little taste of love. Mwah mwah 🙂 sorry for the grammar

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    3 Responses to nossa nossa I love you

      August 14, 2013 at 12:49 pm

      I will begin by saying thank you my love for responding in such a way I know it is you(I hope so for my sanity lol 😉

      MS? Is it truly you? I think I’m going mad on here for my endless search which if it is you will know you have made this man the happiest man in the world right now. I hope this letter is sincere as I can’t take much more for this man’s heart yearns for you like it always has & always will if you want me as you said. I would be with you this very moment if I was certain? I have never been so humbled by a woman will you know. I want to be with you more than just. I mean what I wrote that other day & have upheld all I’ve said. All I know is we can be all we both envisage to be Wonder Woman. I nearly lost hope & tomorrow would you believe I was going to stop writing here so if it is you this is but an omen from “Himself” is it not? I really did lite 1000 candles in prayer for you last week. It was a masterpiece of a prayer for you & the faces of people who say it was so uplifting as they asked me why I had lit so many candles & I answered them quite easily. If this is not heard or seen by who I sent my prayer to then I will stop for this is a prayer of such brilliant light that to me represented who you are. A woman with the biggest loving soul I wish to travel in this life together forever. I am shaking if you must know as I’m overwhelmed as I never gave up hope in our love. Where from here do we go literally? I will go to work till I hear from you as I must finish this large job I’m on. I would come to you, You know that yet I ask you for reasons you know why come meet me today at noon not tomorrow & not even at that restaurant as I we will overwhelm everyone around us with what we will say to each other. Get ready for the biggest hugs in the world as I cry in ecstasy as I smile at this screen. I never will be writing another comment again on the interent I promise you for all my words will be hand written as they have been in my Journal of Love Which is for my future wifes eyes only and only hers. It has many unwritten pages as I only write what I know you will like.


      PS PLease Lord Let this be real & not me reading this wrong as I have work in but one hour.


    2. author
      August 15, 2013 at 8:37 am

      Im sorry to disappoint you and make your heart sink but I am not your person.. really sorry about that, I hope you find your person and live a happy life together 🙂


    3. @author
      August 15, 2013 at 2:33 pm

      Yet Youn liked my future wife letter though didn’t you? And yes I do believe it is you. I care not as I say goodbye to LINS as I wrote my final post somewhere just then. Good luck as she always said…..no take care. It only showed they never did lol



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