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    To believe in horoscopes but they say that pisces have dreamy eyes that can hypnotize you.. Well, yours have and still do. That last run in when I made eye contact with you put my mind for you in overdrive! I think of your face and I try to remember what it looks like.. I think of your eyes, my heart melts.

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    1. I Completely Agree
      August 13, 2013 at 10:28 pm

      This Scorpio male has also learnt the mysterious ways of the Pisces! Wow was she salubrious!


    2. @ ica
      August 18, 2013 at 4:20 pm

      Was she wholesome or just good for you?


    3. @@ica
      August 18, 2013 at 9:58 pm

      🙂 Thank you ICA. I trying to not visit the web much now as I made a promise to myself to get back on with my life which I can say I have far exceeded my expectations this colourful year I’ll say. It;s the first time in my life I’m pleased with where I’m at, obviously I’m missing one piece of the puzzle though and that piece would be the biggest piece lol.

      She was more than everything. She was my world. A woman I would have spent the rest of my life with with unequivocally. Certain unforeseen events unfolded & certain actions I did have made that not possible now. She played her part yet I’m only explaining what I’ve done. I’ve accepted & learnt from it all as I believe it was necessary for me, even her maybe? If it didn’t happen I would have made the same mistakes latter in life whoever I was with. So in a sense I have to thank her for doing the one thing she would have found so hard-leaving someone she loved unconditionally. I didn’t see it like that for a long time which no man would as we are blinded by emotions:)

      We were in my view the best and worst you’d see in a couple. Neither were to blame and we were equally both at fault. Both extremities were the best times of my life. We both had our own issues which we never discussed often enough or properly & this is why I no longer have her in my arms or even to hear her voice. Toughtest most painful lesson for this man I can tell you.

      She & I<from my perspective and prior loving relationships) had a connection of the soul that I felt immediately! I know this sounds silly, lustful, infatuated, etc….it was more than I can describe in words. I really don't know how to put it as I have been in love before, This went beyond words is all I can say. I've been looking at this screen for over 15 minutes and my heart is at a loss to describe her. Oh & I'm being sincere her………She was "HEAVEN".

      Me-Not composing myself as a mature male adult should without getting angry even if the words they say you feel are unjust or cruel, sometimes I now realise we need to hear them to learn and become a better partner so we can grow together. This was a rare for me to have yet it still happened and I never wish to see that side of me again. I've done much inner healing and have now learnt my triggers and what to do when I feel even the slightest bit like this. I have chosen to remain single since then & haven't had a woman which is the only time I'd be in that situation as that's when my emotions would be put to life's best tests…LOVE

      Her-not taking to her partner firstly & openly discussing how she felt as Pisces have a tendency to withhold their feelings where they shouldn't as this confuses a man immensely which in turn can create a huge biblical chain reaction of events that should have never happened if they revealed to their partner how their feeling. I found that the hardest bit & as a man it becomes so hard to know what to do when it's up down up down etc. So in my case I rode the wave which eventually became a tidal one because how is a man meant to be the man that she wants him to be if she didn't communicate with him. She may have been turned off by my raised voice anger outbursts…I am a Scorpio lol(no sting now:) so I maybe at fault there to?

      In hindsight we both threw away a relationship for reasons that now I look at were nothing we couldn't have overcome and we both just kept saying things to protect our huge loving hearts and said things that should have and you would never normally say to another soul. I fucked up, she did too….. That's life.

      Here is the answer to the question you asked in one sentence.

      She is my very first thought when my eyes flutter open & my very last when they dreamily close at night.



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