• Dear God

    by  • August 10, 2013 • * Safe for Work *, Closure • 0 Comments

    I’m writing this letter tonight for some reasons the main one being to apologize for my actions and tell you that I know you never gave up on me and if anything I gave up on myself I’m not asking for another chance if anything I’m openly apologizing for my behavior because I know in my heart the truth and its you i seek and it’s you I want to be with I’ve done some despicable things none of which I’m proud of but none of which I have to repeat so I’m asking you as your son to please forgive me I’ve always had faith what I lacked was diligence. as for the obstacles you set before me come on you can do better than that can’t you ? then again i now realize you weren’t trying to break me or hurt me you’re simply trying to mold me into the man I meant to be so I’m back ,and you know as well as I do you make me smile cuz I see how much you love me, I’ve never ran from anyone or anything and I’m not about to start today because I am a man and with you by my side I can get through anything as we’ve proven once again so Thank You once again for showing me the way and this time God well i’ll show you rather then tell you how much I Love you…..

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