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    only a few moments

    by  • August 10, 2013 • * Safe for Work *, Heartbreak • 1 Comment

    Dearest Ashley I want you to know that after all these years I haven’t stopped thinking of you. that after all these miles that will separate us I will come back and pour my heart out to you and I don’t care what happens anymore. Related Post I’m done with crying over you What happened?

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    by  • August 10, 2013 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 5 Comments

    I offered you anything, I asked for anything. I tried both approaches to no avail. There’s nothing more I can do. Nothing more I can offer to you to show you what you mean to me. I don’t know why I keep beating myself up over it. Probably because it hurts so much. The thing

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    Dear Cunty Bitch

    by  • August 10, 2013 • To You • 9 Comments

    It is quite plain to see you get some kind of satisfaction out of trying to make people feel “stupid” or “inferior”. Please work on your own obvious shortcomings before showing the world your blatant hypocrisy. You are alone, you are a bitch, you need to have “the last word”, and you are argumentative. The

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    If I ever leave this world alive

    by  • August 10, 2013 • Doubt • 0 Comments

    I wrote you an angry thingy, but I’m not going to send it. I want to treat you gently. Still, I’m going to say exactly what I mean and pour out my feelings here in letter form. You deserve the full truth and the full force of my emotions. I want to be completely open

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    Last Minute

    by  • August 10, 2013 • To You • 0 Comments

    As per usual, why don’t you leave your decision to the last possible fucking minute, leaving me stranded, and without a plan? Yay you, are you happy? Proud? Do you feel satisfied now? Nope, I’m going to be scrambling and having to beg relatives for some cash so I can get my own life in

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    by  • August 10, 2013 • Anger • 0 Comments

    I know I’m drunk when I’m writing this but you’re a bitch & stop flirting with him. It really fucking pisses me off. He’s just in the next room with you and doesn’t give two shits about me in here. Just back off for fuck sake. Related Post You just don’t get it. Sorry, I

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