• This would be easier if I had not fallen in love with Machiavelli

    by  • August 8, 2013 • * Safe for Work *, Acceptance • 1 Comment

    But nowhere near as fun.

    I see what you are trying to do to me. And I love that it’s working. But I hate that I love it. You tricked me.

    You were definitely the one who started tricking me, you dirty old man. <3

    I know you have already noticed this, but I did not notice it: I am a catch. You should know. You are the one who caught me. I have so much to offer. I'm sure you know that as well. I keep throwing it at you, after all.

    This started as a list of demands, but then I decided I should ask you instead of telling you. So I am ask-telling you to please let me have my way.

    Here is a list of trivial material goods I require from you in addition to the payment of my bills:

    A functioning computer for writing and various Internettings
    Access to a removable hard drive for transfer of files
    A physical location for us to build a home together (not trivial)
    Art supplies (if you want me to paint you naked in all your glory, this is a must)
    A room with good acoustics
    A mode of transportation and driving lessons

    Okay I ran out of things to require. Although the matching watches did seem tempting. I love all of that sickening coupley stuff. All I really need is you, you know. But that's apparently a given. <3

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    1. Bridge
      August 9, 2013 at 2:44 pm

      Material needs taken care of. With the exception of the physical location for a home (unless you want to live in a hole in the wall, I am not kidding about this), and the necessity of your presence for naked glory.



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