• one year later..still thinking of you

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    i miss him so much i am going nuts Thinking about him and what would have happened if i stayed. I wish we had kept in touch. I want to call him but i’m afraid. I called him a couple times but he did not pick up. I know he is very busy. And that was last year. Should I Call him (i only have his office number which makes it inconvenient having a really personal conversation) or reach out to him via social network ( we are not connected and he has no idea i’ve visited his profile) I miss him like crazy I am here lying on the floor at my wits end. I also heard about him missing me and everything which is why i want to contact him.

    A part of me wants to call him and the other part says it wouldnt be a good idea.

    My fiancee has recently been deployed and is not here so i am free to call him and visit him if it gets that far. (yes i know, i know)

    Life can get so conflicting

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