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    I one would hope to tell you about this writing place one day. This place L.I.N.S. where as the writer you can reveal your every imaginative thought and read the thoughts of others wondering did they write that for me as I was just thinking that way or I wish someone would hold me that close to their heart.

    MB I thought of you more than I ever have in a long time. Let me explain. My partner took me to a art show opening last night. H Johnson is one of my favorite artists. When you at her work it can leave you in a state of deep thinking as you really look deep into each portrait. There were several portraits that had me in such a state.

    MB there was one portrait that many art observers just pass by it as if it was not there. I stood in front of it memorized. I deeply looked at it as I slowly sipped my glass of wine. The hostess by passed me several times and every time he did I traded my empty glass for a nice White Ziff filled one.

    This portrait painting was exquisite. The color scheme was dark in sorts but vibrant as the portrait drew you in. I seen the character it held. The portrait spoke to me in a way that my understanding of it was challenged. I became confused in a sort of way that I strangely understood.
    The hostess once more by passed me and we made our exchanges once more. He smiled and my wink made both of us smile even wider. I turned back around to look at the portrait once more. It was then I seen why this portrait intrigue me so much. I seen lovers. Lovers whom loved so deep.

    My partner had then came and stood by my side taking me by the arm. They said not a word as we stood looking at this painting. I caught them staring at me in wonder of what I saw in that painting.
    We toured the remaining of the art gallery show. None of the other art paintings intrigued me like that one art painting.

    When my partner drop me of at my condo I was a bit distant from them. I assured them that my wine consumption is why I seemed so distant. I asked them to please not be over concerned over something that was not a issue. The look I received after what I said was a look of no longer overly concern. Our goodnight was plain and simple with arranging our next time we would be meeting.

    I laid in bed later that night thinking of that portrait. I then thought of you MB. The thoughts that ran through my mind were delightful. My thoughts of us being lovers made me happy. My happiness at the time was beyond any happiness I had ever felt. I then thought that for now MB the thoughts my Soul carry for us is a secret that I will carry in my mind. I hope one day I could share these beautifully evolving thoughts I have us. I keep them to myself right now because I have a partner and you have a boyfriend. I also keep these thoughts to myself because if I pour my deeply loving thoughts of us to you and you didn’t feel somewhat the same I would feel so stupid. I would also feel good if I did share these deeply loving thoughts of us because you would know that even though you are in a relationship someone else in this world loves you more than you could ever imagine. This love is not an infatuation love, a love of that physical lustful love or that obsessive love that can have that creepy stalker status. I hope that these deep loving thoughts of us could have a reason that I can explain why I secretly have fallen in love with you.

    MB funny how a simple Art Gallery Show of one of my favorite H Johnson artist can spark the loving flame in ones Soul. Johnson paints carry pretty similar themes with tones that are all different. I really think you would appreciate her work. Maybe one day we could go to one of her shows and if that flame is sparked then I would describe every detail to you as colorfully as I could.
    I love you MB

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