• how strange it is to be missing a stranger

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    It feels good to get things off your chest at times. Nothing wrong with it.
    I am still not sure of who, why and for whatever twisted reason…I am still a silly girl with a stupid crush. I calculated the probabilities, connected the dots and thought to hell with it. I must admit though, it was truly a novel-worthy intrigue. Interesting.

    I honestly hope you are happy, stranger. I hope your sadness has gone away and you are enjoying life with someone beautiful and caring by your side. Not that you’ll ever read this, of course. It is not where it would be for a reason… As much as I’d love to indulge in the thought of you thinking of me, I have to say that it wouldn’t make any sense. We are so far apart in our lives; I’m only halfway where I want to be. I don’t know what someone like you could possibly want from me. No idea.

    Insert explanations and apologies here. Nothing can fix this,no words can.

    All I can say is thank you. Assuming it was you all along and even if it wasn’t. This influenced my life in ways I could never imagine. I only hope that one day you’ll forgive me for all the confusion that I started.
    I was inadequate, such a sad masochistic doormat…But enough is enough. No more.

    I don’t think we’ll ever cross paths again. From the bottom of my heart, I wish only the best for you. I hope that each day you wake up to the world full of reasons to make you smile. That smile that once made my day.

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    1. From A Stranger
      August 8, 2013 at 7:52 am

      What I want say this male stranger was the love of “that silly little girl” who had that mans heart in her hand and was a woman this stranger would have married & done anything for. This is how he felt and no apologies needed or given as that is what you requested.

      No man thinks their woman is a doormat so oh stop playing the woman who you make out to be any man in love puts her on pedestal as they are his queen.

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