• Epilogue: Truth and Confession.

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    {*TY to the editor /creator at the very bottom. My sincere thanks.

    Epilogue: Truth and Confession.

    I may not have all the answers to life’s problems, but there is one that has become overwhelming clear by reading this site for this, my final time. I’m not sure that nearly all of the issues that plague or haunt us (or simply put us in a massive state of uncertainty) couldn’t be solved by just a few ideas that come from history’s greatest thinkers. There’s black book and albeit, it was revised by and possibly edited by King James himself, but within it are a hundred nuggets of gold.

    It doesn’t matter if you are a lover of Rumi, Plato, Socrates, Jesus or Guru Maraji. The concepts are the same. I believe in leaving a place better off that when I found it. I don’t know if there’s a person I’ve been close to who wouldn’t agree (maybe down the road) that the same wasn’t the case.

    Often, I may write for myself. This is one of those times. I seek no recompense, but believe the ideas may be of value. Sometimes one goes through something so traumatic, that they would like to give back. I can’t give any assurances I will be in the position with the time to do anything on a scale large enough to benefit more than a handful, but the clear ideas of such a plan have become clear. We shall see.

    The point of the discussion has to do with three universal dynamics:
    Truth, Confession and Forgiveness

    These notions and the application seem like a distant and nearly historic concept. They appear to have gone out of style to say the least. When I was a kid, so many families went to church on Sunday. It’s a shame the preachers were so boring,because there was much to learn. It’s a bigger shame that the idea of religion has been prostituted by those in it, because it pays millions. Like any profession, there are so few who excel. The church is no exception, and often one must do some serious seeking to find their own personal religion, philosophy or codes. Your Codes is a concept of how you approach life, your own beliefs in right, wrong and how you should conduct yourself under the many conditions or situations where a decision needs to be made.

    Myself? As a result of abuse and misuse of what is in that Black Book, I believe Religion has made people nuts.

    But a few concepts they miss, can do miracles for those seeking a family structure. Give them some serious thought. Try a few on. Put your foot in the water. You may find it’s not so cold as you think.

    – – On Truth
    Telling the truth is often the hardest thing in the world to do. Historically, one has been punished since an early age, for dare trying to do it, in a childlike manner. They were punished, sometimes severely, versus being praised and let off the hook from the original, early truth seekers. Christ, the truth teller was a little kid ! It was highly unfair. The fair and right thing to do would be to compliment and praise the child, dumbo. Who like pain?

    As a result, many become trained to never touch THAT hot stove again! This is often perpetuated during ones’ lifetime. There become opportunities to do the right thing and tell the truth, but one often suffers the same consequences as they did many years before. The cycle then repeats itself, perpetually.

    It takes a big person on the receiving end, to handle this situation correctly. Most of us don’t. Some of the receivers (in these cases) have been burned by the same person, what is called a MIRROR IMAGE situation, i.e., the truth teller has done so many things the same as Mr./Ms.Mirror Image (combined with what you knew were lies with present person) that it just sends the other party into a doubting spiral. The conclusion becomes: Will it never end? How much can I believe? Doubts can be hard to erase. Here’s how to do it.

    – – On Confession
    What’s needed in some extreme cases, is simply a ‘tell all’ conversation. It may appear risky to do and in practice, it is RISKY!
    The receiver is likely to adopt on one three postures:

    A.Be grateful that they finally were seeking this and forgive you of all wrongdoings
    B. Blow their stack and call you every name in the book and as a result, the relationship is severed.
    C. Adopt an attitude of “Thank you for sharing that” but may put you on probation until you prove that this area is cleaned up. That you will, in the future, come clean and stay clean. There’s nothing unfair or unreasonable with that outcome.

    In the eyes of the emotionally mature, the one void of major character defects, the type that can truly be trusted, it’s the authors belief that this is a very effective strategy, one well worth any perceived risks.

    If you were open enough to bare all your sins and they DIDN’T take it well, right there you should have your answer anyway !

    – – On Forgiveness
    Again, one must be very careful with who they choose to reveal this information to. You could be set free (and set the other free) of any concerns they may have by doing so….revealing the Truth and Confession.They are separate, by the way, even though they may appear similar. For one, confession is often more extreme and carries more risk.

    Assuming you have correctly sized up the profile of the person you hope to gain their forgiveness, two possibilities that exist are: A. The entire issue(s) will blow off like an Arizona sandstorm or you’ve just given them ammunition to hit you over the head for your remaining days together.

    Consider the fact while weighing the outcome of such an encounter. Would it not take a very cold, abberated person to not accept such an unusual gesture of your good faith effort? Yes, since man is basically selfish, you are doing it for you, as your primary motive. “But verily I say unto thee, whosover shall not forgive your transgressions, is not worthy of the treasures in the Kingdom.”

    You see, the KIngdom is your life.
    The more you rise in awareness of what’s truth and what’s not, the higher consciousness you will possess. A higher consciousness leads to a higher countenance. That basically means being happy.

    The Truth shall set you free isn’t some Biblical nonsense or cliche phrase. It’s life at it’s purest form.

    It’s the only kind of life, truly worth living.


    Thank you to the editor/ site creator for making this forum. Did you know you changed my life?
    It’s true. I believe in complimenting when it’s well deserved and to let a person know that they contributed to someone, especially to such an extent. I couldn’t have done that without your site.

    Even thought the site allowed me to observe things that were the last things I ever wanted to learn, knowing my life will take on another path different than the firmly rooted plans I had, I must accept reality.

    My motivation at present is all screwed up, my plans seem not as worthwhile, because a part of me has always had as a motivation, to share the prize gained. I know I’ve seen in a near state of shock for a few weeks. I think it’s likely normal, given the situation. Somehow, I’ll figure out a way to get back to normal.

    Your site allowed me to gain my much needed closure, which unfortunately, I had to seek by my own efforts. Something has lifted, something has shifted. The life force is slowly coming back into my spirit.

    I think it’s because I have grasped, not all the answers, but enough of the Truth to clear up
    this dense fog. I simply couldn’t see and flying by instruments, well, they were out too.

    Got under the clouds with your help, found some landmarks and I see the runway.
    (PS. To the person that ever entertained the idea they were being stalked, you have it all wrong. When I stumbled on this site, I soon began to observe the OTHER party. Legal reasons. I think it’s best just to keep it simple, but now THAT truth, those cards are “out on the table.”

    I’m sure you wouldn’t want it any other way……….

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    1. Beautifully Said
      August 8, 2013 at 3:15 am

      I have been pondering how to respond to such a well written letter that this man was one who knew the ramifications & still tried as for him love is everything & he was trying to reach out to the woman he loves in one last ditch attempt. Yes I did wrongs & I forgave her long ago. In fact most men forgive and forget within a short time period, sometimes even minutes as we normally don’t dwell on things.

      I would have liked to choose option A & C, I would be more leaning to C as I would do anything to prove my worth & love to her, I would walk through the gates of hell which I feel like I am there sometimes lol. The sad thing is that you said it is on this site that has finally let you see once more and back to normality. How is finding closure as you must have had reponses from him or maybe even I to come to that conclusion. That pains me ever so especially if it was her as that it reveals how much I never meant to her as to sort a loving relationship out should be done face to face as then it is “real” to touch, hold & look upon each other as the eyes don’t lie.

      This man named David didn’t wish to comment this letter as whoever wrote this letter is actually highly intelligent & yet on here they let a love life end. I mean no disrespect I’m only hurt someone would do such a thing & not in real life. All the best dear author.

      A Green eyed Man

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