• Am I that worthless or are you that clueless?

    by  • August 7, 2013 • Disappointment • 0 Comments

    All I ask is that you stay in touch.
    That if things change, you tell me.
    Why did it take for me to call you in order to find out that you weren’t going to be free tonight?
    Is common courtesy just out of the window?
    Am I that worthless in your eyes that I don’t deserve even a message?
    I mean it’s not like I paid money to book a room,
    not like I booked time off work to see you.
    Not like I had family to notify of my plans.
    Not like it’s going to take me hours in highway traffic to get back and you know I hate driving.
    Yes, I’d already left.
    Yes, after two and a half hours of driving,
    I was that angry that I drove straight back.
    Am I asking too much?
    I thought we were friends.
    Just the courtesy of a heads up is all I wanted.
    I’m only your friend after all.
    Why am I so upset?
    Because I move my world for you.
    But I see you doing fuck all.
    Not even a few key presses on your phone.
    If I am worthless and you think so little of me,
    Tell me what you really think.

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