• Why did you BREAK our family?

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    When you told mom off, you broke us. No son should ever yell at there mom that way. Yes, you’re still here, you every now and then do family stuff, but you don’t mean anything by it. You don’t want to be there. You have no idea what you’ve done.
    Then you and my best friend go and fall in love. Yes, I’m fine with it, but sometimes I feel like you would rather spend time with her family than ours. Why? Why do you even come home. Why don’t you just move out and have a life without us. I mean for god sakes, you’re freaking 21. Grow up.
    Why can’t you just patch up with mom?
    Why can’t you just be the brother I always wanted instead of that guy that has sex with my best friend and sleeps in the room in the garage?
    I’m so done with you.

    -the sister that is tired of being in the crossfire.

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