• Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

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    You know someone is insincere when their apologies sound as robotic as their facade of a friendship.

    You know someone is not only selfish but narcissistic when they try to insidiously turn the tables on you (while supposedly apologizing) and say something like… “but you told me our friendship would never be in peril” as a justification for their abusive treatment.

    You know someone doesn’t care when they gladly accept your best and disappear when you’re at your worst.

    The one who loves you gives freely without a second thought. The one who doesn’t tells you they have their “own shit to sort out” even after you have been there for them countless times.

    You may have been involved in a harmful, toxic relationship when not one, but two psychiatrists bring up the possibility of PTSD after you recount said past relationship.

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