• I forgive you

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    I’ll admit, these last few months have been hard. You were my bestfriend, turned lover, turned stranger. I miss you sometimes when I think about us and the tragic ending that immersed itself.

    high school was a joke for us, especially graduation day.
    I guess feelings change and people change due to the circumstances that change.

    Having sex with you was a mistake,yes, i’ll admit, but what’s worse is the memories that eat at me everyday.

    Within the months of August 2012 to May 2013, you have given me advice, prom dates, a pregnancy gone wrong, and a love I’m always going to remember.

    We both lied, we both loved and lost, and we both somewhat moved on.

    I just want to say thank you. Thank you for showing me what I deserve, for sticking around when you did, and for showing me that I can be my complete and total self around you.

    You have shown me what love is and i commend you for that.

    I don’t hate you for leaving me when I got pregnant, and I don’t hate you for ignoring me when I had a miscarriage.

    We were both scared.

    I’m finally learning to forgive you, and by forgiving you, I am forgiving myself.

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