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    It’s now been 3 days since I spoke to you i’m finding it hard I really miss you I miss being able to just text you and talk to you all day, god do I feel cut off from you it’s been a week and a 2 days since i’ve spoken to you over the phone and it’s driving me nuts.

    I just want to hear your voice. I dreamt you were here with me last night and we were in the kitchen I gave u a hug and then we ended up kissing and some more lol it felt strange knowing there was other people in the house but it was nice the door was shut we had drank quite a lot and we ended up against the door lol i’ll leave it there…

    anyway I can’t wait till you get back, i want you to come back home too, I know u said u were really fed up and want to come home well i’m the same I want you to come bk off holiday cause I really miss you loads !!!

    Absence had made my heart grow a lot fonder that it already was, more than I thought was possible.

    i’ve been trying to keep myself busy so I don’t sit and go out of my mind but no matter what i’m doing you are there in it you are in my mind constantly.

    ANYWAY I can’t remember what day you are coming bk but I will probably talk to you before then HOPEFULLY lol i’m praying for it tbh I can’t believe I have hardly spoke to you in two weeks I can say i’ve found it so so hard I fucking miss you loads !!.


    -Love from the girl who gave away her heart.

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