• confusion.

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    you keep doing this thing – one would think i’d have gotten used to it by now, but i never learn – where you talk to me (more than usual) for a week or so. that means endless messages, deep conversations in class and rehearsal, and the flow of likes, favorites, retweets, et cetera. once we stayed up until 2 am (the real reason was homework, but you never stopped replying). and then, suddenly, you stop. maybe there will still be the other things, but the conversations end abruptly, usually with you seeing a perfectly normal message and not replying or sending a “…” and thinking it sufficient.

    i don’t know if this is your weird version of playing hard to get, but it always confuses me. i can never figure out if you do it on purpose or because of lack of time or because of something i may have said. you never explain, i never ask. and we go through a normal period where we talk in class and rehearsal, but not as often or as deeply. eventually, it starts over when you have a question or i do, and we consult one another.

    it makes it difficult to figure you out. i can’t tell if it’s because you want me to fall for some game or if you like me or if you’re just being yourself. either way, i’m stuck, stranded on some distant isle where i can’t talk to you without seeming clingy (after all, you ended a conversation; i surely can’t take it back up so soon). you’re messing with my mind, and i can never understand why.

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