• To my friends having the affair

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    I have to tell you. I never expected to see you today….though I knew it was POSSIBLE..

    On the other hand, pretty sure that’s why Jane decided to meander w/ me today. Hoping to see you, hoping to not see you.

    She cut our afternoon short.

    I have an opinion.

    Shocking huh?

    Imagine my surprise when she told me today that you and her have been talking. Seen each other a bit. Really not sure I believe it’s JUST that.

    I will share with you exactly what I shared with her this afternoon.

    No one will move forward if this keeps going like this.

    You know I would support you staying with WIFE or choosing Jane.

    But STOP walking the line.

    Jane is not moving forward because of this. She’s STUCK. She’s WAITING for you.

    I have figured for the last few months this was so. Sometimes NOT having the conversation speaks volumes.

    Jane deserves a solid decision. Just as Wife does.

    I have been so torn today. Between trying to be the patient understanding friend and tearing you a new one.

    I KNOW it’s not my business.

    I KNOW I should butt out.


    I suppose I should be ok w/ seeing Jane hold on to whatever hope you’re dangling.

    I suppose I should be ok thinking that Wife is thinking things are going swimmingly . That perhaps you both will live happily every after.

    Man up Jack.

    Be honest w/ your therapist.

    Be honest w/ yourself.


    Whichever one it is, it’s going to hurt like hell for the other one.

    Know that.

    Own that.

    But least all three of you can move on with life.

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