• The Things People Post on the WWW

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    I quote:

    – if this bitch is not in a cemetery, or decaying in the woods, then this guy has failed as a man.

    Dear whomever,

    I read this message today on facebook. It made me sick. The things that people can say about one another with the anonymity of the internet is disgusting. Though the actions of this girl were poor, the man who posted this message most likely never even met this woman or her ex-boyfriend.

    I am outraged by the lack of respect among my peers. When did it become okay to ridicule people for images and stories over the web. It is not our place to judge. The face in these photos on the web belong to people. People that are walking around today. Who among the thousands slandering these photos, actually knows the circumstances of the stories we read.


    A Disturbed Young Woman.

    It is messages like the one above that concern me for the future. I really wish to understand the origin of such hate and hostility among men and women.

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