• I’m calling you on all your bullshit

    by  • August 5, 2013 • To You • 2 Comments

    Do you think I’m stupid? <—-yep, you heard that from me before. You never attempted to get in touch with me prior to whatever crisis you need me for now. Fuck you asshole. You are the most insidious sociopathic user I have ever met and to let you in my life once more would be like suicide. I was always good to you and what did I get for it? ABUSE. Go talk to your reflection. You'll find that to be more amenable to manipulation. You set fire to this bridge and walked away real quick while I got to watch it burn alone. I'm happier now without you in my life playing your screwed up games. I thought I made it clear enough before which goes to show how much you suck at listening to your so called friends. I am resentful and I am angry and I have every right to my feelings. I've learned my lesson the hard way now go learn yours on your own. I do hate you and not with a passion that in your mind you'd twist to think means I care. I hate you in a way that says I'm not going back there again and I am no longer your friend.

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    1. I'll Bite
      August 5, 2013 at 1:57 pm

      As this is my last day on here for this is my promise to me hehe, I’m going to answer a few posts as one of them is most likely them.& this sounds like an angry her which she wold be more than justifiably right in how she feels. I doubt anyone would think their ex would be stupid & I personally was always attracted o a partner who has intelligence. Once more I never set fire to the bridge though as they left me & made it quite clear then unclear then clear then not so? Yes I walked away as that is exactly what they asked of me & said they no longer lover me. Actions speak louder than words! Love the words you use to describe them r maybe even me. Sorry that they or I made you a bitter twisted woman & if it is I, then I’m sorry for how hurt you are from my actions as I never played any games as love isn’t a game, Hate me if it makes you feel better as its water off a duck’s back as unlike this version of her I imagine It only reinforces why I am so hurt from you as listen to how you speak and act. I forgave you & yet you have not which in this version only strengthens my case. Not long to go to the afternoon.

    2. author
      August 5, 2013 at 11:24 pm

      So sick of your whiney bullshit. I’m not her, go seek mental help.

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