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    For eight years I have thought of you everyday. I miss you, and what makes it so much worse is I remember everything.

    I am afraid because love as strong as ours can’t be normal, I haven’t felt half as strong about anyone else. It’s as if I gave you my heart with an “as is” sticker. You took it and cherished it and protected it ferociously. Only now, I am lost. Because you still have it and I am hopelessly unable to find it.

    You were so very sweet. I cannot remember a second in those four years where I didn’t know without a doubt that we were in love. It was beautiful. Even now I cannot remember you with anger or sadness. I can only think of you with an intensity of love and regret.

    Regret because I left you. I was young, and hung up on unimportant issues. I always knew that I made you a better man, but when the shit hit the fan it became painfully obvious that you made me better, and that without you I could only be half of what I was.

    I have waited so long for these feelings to fade. They have not even dimmed. You will always be the man that completes me, and because of that I can never be whole.

    I would give anything to change what is.To tell you that forever really does exist.

    Your Heartbreaker

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    1. Bridge
      August 4, 2013 at 10:31 am

      Send it. Send it. Send it.


    2. lyd
      May 4, 2014 at 9:09 pm

      He’s in prison, for a very long time…. It wouldn’t make a difference.



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