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    Yeah. A hand injury is worse than beating your son with a metal rod. I totally get you.

    It’s worse than “accidentally” whacking him across the head, where he’s now deaf on the left ear. It’s worse than knocking him so hard, his front teeth are now fake.

    It’s worse than nearly breaking his foot, worse than almost fracturing his back.

    I might forgive you, and I might hold my tongue on all of this. But man, it’s no wonder he left the house. It’s no wonder he pretty much vanished from your life.

    Hey. I’m keeping a secret. He’s actually near here. But you know what? I ain’t ever letting you know where. He’s finally finding a little bit of happiness after all the shit you made him go through.

    Sorry, mom. Today you made me angry, acting like the victim. You might not do these things anymore, but denying it ever happening is just as bad. You’re never going to find peace that way.

    But okay. I’ll let you think your hand injury sucks. Typing too much sure leads to health complications, right?

    The reason why I said you needed to stop acting like it’s really bad is because you were trying to drive with one hand. Trying to use one hand to move the lever. I didn’t want you crashing and hurting yourself when I wasn’t here.

    But like you always do, you make me (and everyone else) the bad guy and play the self-pity game.

    I warned you. I forgave you. But I can’t change you for you.

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