• Little Miss RidingHood Who Was The Wolf Bitch The Entire Time!

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    Here have a bottle of whatever I left their or whatever other male did.
    So it numbs your disillusioned mind that is so blurred you forget who they are permanently as I’m never ever waiting for a person like you who can’t make their mind up every fucking week…fucking the yoyo was named after you I’m sure? Here I’ll get the shot glass your culture use
    oh hold on you’ll have to wait to someone brings some over? Just sponge more of someone else as you’re good at that! Calculate it out as that’s what your trained to do?

    Mental note after today….

    -someone who’ so qualified yet earns sweet FA when they could easily earn twice/three times as much reveals no goals, aspirations, just cruising through life sponging off any man she comes across. What Did they say “I spend too much money”? Fuck yeah I did as she spent fuck all ever! Only when I spoke up & then did I ever feel guilty AGAIN and again & AGAIN…

    -Any woman who at that age who can’t cook anything at all and I mean anything sadly, hey did you throw all the shit I filled in your entire pantry and fridge as it was bare when I first looked? You wouldn’t even know what to do with it all? A red flag right there as it reveals she doesn’t know how to care for a partner as she eats out a lot (another flag) or be a nurturer (woman) as this says she is selfish as she only knows how to care for herself & NOT ANOTHER, as has only ever looked after herself. Fuck it’s funny what we read & learn on blogs.

    -Any woman that writes on blogs or is spiritual in who tell you they were always the victim, all their ex’s were immature, left when they were at work, broke up by phone, no relationship over 2 years in their lifetime, & never took any blame for their relationship failings! Get the fuck out of there fast as you can possibly can! As she is broken beyond belief!

    -Any who have no colour in house, not home as a home isn’t devoid of life! (a home has life and without color that means it’s only shadows as evil strife’s in the shadows! How come my friend when they saw your empty shell they cringed when they saw it for the first time? Oh how did they put it politely, so devoid of any life, so clinically clean? A reflection of your personality-devoid of any color-life! They were quite concerned for me…I wonder why lol.

    -If they have lots and I mean lots of “friends” of the opposite sex who they said that yes when they first met those friends hounds them, even wanted to marry her, had gone out with her, she airy fairy said oh I don’t feel that way and you shouldn’t concern yourself yet WTF you wouldn’t allay my FEARS as all I asked was to meet them with you to see for myself? Oh no I was been too demanding and you wouldn’t have a bare of it! Said I was immature, suspicious! Fuck yeah as I caught you out stupid liar…what did you say you still denied it & wonder why I wouldn’t be your friend as you felt ever so guilty months later as you thought I can be so forgiven “my false lord” whoever you pray too as it isn’t God as he struck you off the list the moment you ripped apart your first victim…I was number 4 or 5 or was it 666?

    -What does it say about all their friends who are all players, go for much younger ppl and wonder why they don’t have relationships, or men run from these cold yet good looking successful women? Why because your all the same! Who told me this hmmm…oh another family member!

    -Gardens….mmm well lets talk about fake gardens…oh they don’t like it. Boo hoo as there was half an hour a week max ever and surprise no color once again, hey I’ll get others to do it? Dad he’s not doing fuck all as he’s always coming over to make sure his adult daughter is ok? If he has another heart attack I wonder where & why he was always so stressed out…oh he told me – YOU! He was so sad why his daughter was where she was at her age!

    -Oh sorry, I forgot to come to your birthday? Oh that’s ok CUNT my family thought you a selfish bitch…my mums own words, she never swears at anyone ever as she is actually a good Christian! Oh & you already made other plans for a…what week late and were going out elsewhere! Shit unlike you I couldn’t throw any of your shit out as I looked around…not a single thing….Not one! Not fucking one thing!

    -If a person always puts their friends first and its a struggle to see them at the most twice a week…I know its so much I’m suffocating them because I’m interrupting their party lifestyle in their late 30’s. I became needy I was told as I thought your meant to like to spend time with your partner? Oh you cant when your just the “Piece of Meat” & the other just male friends who have partners go out with you by themselves again, no its all fine you person I pull the wool over your eyes…I’m the toxic dysfunctional traumatic person I’m told not I she says its all you bastard. Lets go tell everyone he’s crazy and that he was never normal before I ate his heart as I need to eat hearts being a female emotional vampire Drama Queen!

    -I couldn’t hear you, oh that’s right it was a one way street as I counted a total of three times you came my way in total! Three punch that in and calculate how minuscule that is? Hold on it won’t compute the fraction of nothing…

    -oh what he’s dying & did die, I’m sorry I never came once to support your man not once, oh I thought maybe she can’t handle death as she must care? So many others did not my partner. Oh I forgot you’ll catch fire for entering God’s buildings. That was seriously fucked you know out of everything, I so can’t wait for something like this to happen to you…hmmm maybe get pregnant say? have your baby and your partner says fuck this shit she only cares for herself, I’m leaving! Oh it’s alright you say my parents will be there AGAIN! HE was no good for me AGAIN…

    -I wouldn’t normally wish that on any single soul, I could have said imagine your dad having another heart attack! And all you need is a hug from your partner or to drive them to emergency as they are so upset and cant drive? Na fuck them it’s not about me AGAIN. I hope your future partner does all the shit I would never do to someone I LOVE & you say I don’t know what love is and emotionally immature?!!!

    -TO the men who hopefully are going to do this to you so you learn real emotional trauma and physical pain like I’ve endured…
    his fucks a million whores, drinks, swears at you, never calls you, doesn’t answer your phone calls till they are by themselves out of listening range or the next day acting out of character…no its all ok. Talk on Skype,fuck, no sorry just friends around the world online to chat to? Its not cheating as we are just friends now online, don’t worry if I have a holiday without you? It’s just the girls, you can trust me, I’ll hide all my photos of me doing the wrong things please belief I’m a good Christian!!! Fuck I could go on forever about your life of lies.

    -Oh fuck I’m bad they say & they tell me they have stalkers from 10 plus years ago still…seriously wondered why I was concerned for her, they are fine and harmless she states, they only leave photos in letterbox’s and I’m the worst who only three entire times to pick my shit up, family member died & needed a fucking hug, oh no I forgot you have to have a heart to have compassion! The last time so I could move on and get closure, you hug me so intensely for what was was forever, inhaling my aroma,you bit your lower lip, Huffing and puffing, the entire time had that I love you posture and then I’m one of your other ex’s who you categorize? What so you can forgive for completely destroying every man she has ever had and they wonder why they are so righteous for all to behold as that’s how they keep their bullshit lies up even to themselves.

    Fuck now she wants a baby after she’s realised as he reminded her you can’t keep partying at your age like your friends you have to be an adult and responsible at your age. Oh hold on you do don’t you!
    ….oh this great man who my family thought was awesome, thought he was their long lost son they never had, best man they had seen her with, every one in her huge family circles said the same thing, now
    he a monster she says to all that will listen!

    They knew & hoped this good man who was ever so now fucked up by this queen of soul sucking masculinity might be able to be saved as he looked strong enough to survive her ways…they were wrong…another man who till this day who tries so hard in every shape, form, therapies, fuck you name it everything, still has moments like this where he feels like ending it on occasions that are all so too often as when you allow a person you loved to destroy everything you morally believed in and cant pick yourself up to where you were before you met her, I fucking try so any who say otherwise get fucked! professionals and all…done it spent so much & this year alone not including the meds that do fuck all as the mind is a powerful entity that when refuses to like drugs as I’m so against them, why would I want to transform myself into a zombie like so many others…yes your alive, but your not happy or sad. I’m not a fucking zombie, I want happiness and its harder than you think when you deal with a…I don’t label ppl as to many do. I’m over this.

    It will not take much more if she decides to slide that knife just that little bit more so it touches the very core that is my soul that is only just so holding on…If she ever reads this and does her worst or best maybe who knows….just remember you did this to this once good man who doesn’t feel like a man no longer & that will be on your conscious which you will have to live with for the rest of you life! I know ppl will criticize me for what I’ve said but until you walk in another’s shoes or actually realise this is nothing that concerns you as your no one, or she as this is me speaking to me so I can see what a empty shell I now am. No pity parties, just really nothing….but a whisper in the wind who whispers will become just that……………
    if you keep hurting me so, you didn’t have to do that & I still forgave you & you still could but no. My only wish is too never ever see you ever again for you are the worst person I’ve ever come across & it wasn’t a journey it was a death sentence! So I say this to you she who I did love more than the entire universe till I wrote this letter to me so I could see how much I need to actually learn to hate you as I cant even or like that word as it goes against everything I stand for. Then I can put you in a category of “words” I never say or think of which is good for you & me.
    if you do if you have any sense of compassion in you left. Prove me right for once or AGAIN show me I was right in everything I’ve said above. You are better than this & you can be if you stop putting yourself first & looking at your friends who you think are good ppl yet are the ones who enjoy you being single so they have you to themselves. Selfish women they were, never happy when you were in a relationship….I saw it clearly.

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