• I am SO very sorry -From your bully

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    Dear K.C,

    I am so sorry for being such a jerk. I look back and I can’t believe I did and said those mean things to you. You were such a nice person and you did not deserve it. I wanted to apologize to you for a long time now but you no longer showed any animosity toward me so I did not want to bring it back up, and I was quite embarrassed. I know that was middle/high school days and we are adults now but I still think about it whenever I remember you. These few instances I remember the most and am especially sorry for.

    – When I threw something at your head from behind that almost gave you concussion.
    – When my friend beat you up for no reason
    – When I told people mean things about you
    – When I teased you mercilessly that day at the school entrance
    – When i picked a fight with you on the field and you kicked my ass- I totally deserved that.
    – When I told everyone that your family was poor and my mom was helping you out. I want to just punch myself in the head for that. After that you did not accept any gifts from us, even though I acted like I did not care I felt terrible knowing the reason why you no longer wanted anything to do with my family and myself. But I understand.

    I was a real douche dag and I am so sorry. I was young, stupid and troubled. You were secretly my only true buddy even though i was mean to you. You did not like me because i was popular but for the non-asshole side of me and i completely did you wrong. I’m so happy to hear how well you and your family have been doing. I wish you nothing but the best in the future and I hope you have truly forgiven me.

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