• Today I miss you

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    Dear Jesse,

    Today has been hard to get through. Being in this town brings back so many memories as this is when we started to fall apart. You and I would have tackled the world together; instead we both let our love crumble at our feet.

    How is it possible to be surrounded by people and yet feel so alone? I walk around this town, walk down the street and miss holding your hand. I miss your warmth, how easy you made me laugh. Laying beside you. I see things that I want to tell you about but I have to stop myself since you are no longer part of my life.

    It was my choice to end this. Us. I have my reasons that you will never begin to understand because you wanted to wait longer for the spark between us to return. The truth is I couldn’t. The hurt that year built up for me couldn’t be mended, and the girl who fell in love with you was gone.

    I have started to heal. I have started to let go of the anger I held towards you for so long, and I feel the weight being slowly lifted. As I walk along this beach today I take a deep breath. Things will be hard for a long time, but in the end I am being true to myself. I hope your time to heal comes soon.

    Forever, me

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