• To the Only Man I’ll Love Forever

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    Come back home.

    I remember the day and exact moment you and mom sat me down to tell me that things just weren’t working out.
    I remember exactly what I was wearing and the position I was sitting in.
    I remember the voice in my head telling me to choke back the tears no matter what.
    I remember that not working and feeling tears run down my face quicker than ever before.
    I remember the yelling (on my part) and your attempts at calming me down.
    I remember running up the stairs, landing on my bed and sobbing into my pillow.
    I remember feeling like I could never love you like I always had.

    These days, I remember the times you’d come into my room before school and ask me if I wanted coffee.
    The way you’d shave as I’d watch from the door in fascination.
    The prayers you’d mutter for me at night.
    The hugs that could dissipate all my problems.
    The useless facts you told me, even when I didn’t care or the lectures you gave me, especially when you thought I was ignoring you.
    I remember the kisses on the forehead and Cash Cab guesses.
    I remember all the times you’d begrudgingly drive me somewhere and each and every time you said you loved me.
    I remember how much I love you too.

    I remember that, no matter what,
    you’ll always be my #1 man.

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