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    It’s not clear when the feelings of ambiguous loss begin to creep into our psyche in relation to our toxic relationship with the sociopath. These feelings more than likely begin while still in the relationship as we slowly, over time, witness the slipping and transformation of the sociopath from a person we once loved into a person we no longer recognize.

    Once outside of the relationship, these feelings become even stronger. We realize that although we accept the sociopath for what he/she is, we fail to quickly release ourselves from and let go of the false person we once believed the sociopath to be.

    Although we no longer love, honor or respect the sociopath, we still grieve the loss of the person we thought the sociopath was. We fell in love with a fantasy person, someone who we allowed to affect us deeply. And the pain and overwhelming feelings of desperation of losing this fantasy person may cause us to get stuck in our healing and recovery, paralyzing us from moving forward.

    -From Escaping the Boy: My Life with a Sociopath

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      August 2, 2013 at 3:38 pm

      I find it so funny ppl label others on here in many forms yet they read off a internet site they have just gone shopping on and go that fits them when I bet they could do the same to someone such as you? Its not hard to even confuse or mislead a professional and even them how much negativity can a person handle without effecting them I wonder? I’ve gone out with some and they were complete fuck ups who because qualified thought they had a right to judge lol? Really I’m coming t the conclusion everyone one here including me are all broken fucked up ppl in one way or another! Even it was allowed to happen to them by someone who plays a victim and has every relationship…thy are the really fucked up ones as they like many wont admit their failings..Fuckem

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