• oh my goodness…

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    I have known two scary crazy people and they both thought the T.V.’s were talking to them. It terrifies me. Does that provide an insight? I think I need professional help now. Wonderful, but not really.


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    1. @Oh my badness...
      August 3, 2013 at 12:52 am

      Seriously you are nothing to them either I’d say as all you do is tease and manipulate ppl. I saw your call sign, other posts as your easily recognisable as many here! and look what you do to them. How many people have you done that too? A few I would say as you admit it’s them, lure them in & then ignore them…what’s that called? Oh toxic emotional trauma or abuse. Your the person that makes a person go crazy because of your ill treatment of them I’d be betting? You worse than they may likely could or were made out to be. I’m glad my friend showed me this as he was so upset for so long by your treatment of him. He has so many people concerned so we visit him constantly as he feels so guilty for something you did to him. He wrote a journal from the day he met you did you know that? And he still doesn’t blame you as he is a rarity who only blames himself when he shouldn’t. Your lucky he is asleep finally as he needs it. Lucky for me he left this open. He knows not I even write this for him as he is on the edge of no return. Who hurts a person so like that. Do you understand what your doing? I caught him the other night which frieked me out to say the least. How am I meant to tell his mum as she just lost her husband.

      Please stop whatever you doing to him as you are baiting him. Even in his journal he spoke ever so highly of you when no one in their right mind would do or tolerate. I have never seen him so empty. He works for himself now pushing himself to kimits no one can sustain, he will as he is not human & I’ve seen him do that many times in the past. Do you know you cost him his job, even then he didtnt once say you were to blame as that’s who he is. Please don’t cost him his life as if you could only see what were once vibrant eyes now ones that stare out into the distance. He hides it well but to a few close friends. We are helping but if we push him he will just disappear! He’ did it once when his heart was broken many years ago. He doesn’t even speak badly of her at all. Once before he disappeared & no one saw him for over three weeks. He had over 100plus friends looking for him. No one knew & he never told anyone where he went to this day except that he didn’t want to take the cowards way out of respect for his parents. He thinks his mum “dead” by the way she looks at him. He has so many good friends who he has pushed away as he thinks he will only hurt them somehow. I’ve said enough, you should hear his tormented sleep. He screams out in so much pain always saying about take me/self sacrificing himself. He only wanted closure last time did you realise that? We all told him you’d only cause him more pain. He loves you so much you know, I don’t know why he does as no one would with what you’ve done. He fucked up yes, its all in that journal but he unwitting did stuff where you didn’t? I am a woman by the way who only cares for him as a friend as he has always helped everyone he knows. You wont find many men like him as he could have any woman he wants? You know this, all the females he knows, knows this & yet he choose you. He didn’t loose you, you lost a man who would have walked through fire & become what you wanted him to be as how many man actively seek to change for the better? My husband hasn’t & he like many men have way more faults than he will ever have. You seek a dream like man? Even my husband is slightly jealous of him as he thinks there more to it with him & I. He has never overstepped the mark when he is taken or otherwise as he prides himself on his morals & beliefs.

    2. ~~~*
      August 3, 2013 at 5:35 pm

      you don’t know a thing about me sorry for your misunderstanding. we don’t even have mums here unless it’s in a flower bed. if you’re not in the states then this is not for you.

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