• To my friend and to my lover.

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    To my friend
    I don’t get it.. Why you do this to me? You tell me Im the best, make me feel like the best. You treat me AS A FRIEND. And then suddenly, you’re gone. We’re not friends. You don’t care anymore. You just want me to go. And maybe I just want me to go too.

    To my one and only love
    I love you. You loved me too, but now she’s the only one you care about. Why? She’s mean and rude. She doesn’t care about you the way I do. We would be perfect. We should be perfect. But I don’t have red or blonde hair, like she does. That’s all you care about. Hair. Nose. Eyes. Eyebrows. Glossy lips. I’m more pretty than her, aren’t I?
    I just want to see your smile, your laugh. I want that feeling again that the person I love actually LOVES ME BACK. But now, you’re gone. And I’m too late to tell you I love you.

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