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    I’ve been on and off this site for about four-five months I think. In that time I’ve learned some things, and exorcised my demons. Right now I’m in the process of healing some things from my past that went on for a very long time and have only recently come to grips with. I’m sure many of you can relate.

    During my time here I’ve read sad things, hopeful things, angry things, and people like myself just trying to make sense of things; to heal. But I’ve also seen disturbing things. I have been mistaken time and time again for different people who are not merely responding to me to work out their issues. They are now threatening things that have nothing to do with me.

    So to all you people who may be different or one in the same:

    The “Drinker”
    The lady who thinks I am their male “friend”
    The person who says nasty things on almost everyone’s letters
    And to whomever else thinks I was their person (and BTW you’ve done it to numerous people, not just me):

    Hi. My name is Kasey. I’m married (with kids) and my husband knows about this site but doesn’t participate in it. I do not know anyone here personally. And I’m done with being any part to your delusions. I am no longer “anonymous”. I’m done with being lashed at for just releasing my own thoughts on this site – (something that it was intended for) – just because you think I’m your cheating ex or whatever the case may be. Some of you are abusive.

    Someone here said how easy it was to be that way (a bully, etc) because you can hide behind a wall of anonymity. They are right. So how about it? Who wants to reveal themselves? Or better yet, who wants to admit to themselves they saw what they wanted to see for their own justifications? Things aren’t always what they seem. And it might just be the only one fucking with you and playing mindgames is yourself.

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    1. L.E Phant
      August 1, 2013 at 7:48 pm

      I get where you are coming from, my advice don’t read too much into what anyone else says on here period. That’s what I’ve learned. Just come here to vent. Free therapy. If you get offended write a new letter about your pet peeves about peoples misconceptions and lack of ability to respect anothers individual need to voice themselves anonymously for their own personal reasons. Good for you though!

    2. Kasey
      August 1, 2013 at 8:19 pm

      @L.E Phant -thank you. I have done that and have at times told these people I am not their person. I draw the line though when I’m basically being stalked by some person who thinks I’m his wife and threatening stuff. I guess I was hoping that they’d wake up to reality. I don’t want to be the catalyst for someone to go psycho on the real person who is their intended target (the person they think I am) because of things I’ve said. I know that would not be my fault at all, but seriously some people are abusive and sick.

    3. Big Long Nose
      August 1, 2013 at 11:39 pm

      Ah, Kasey.

      TRUST your gut instincts. I can PROMISE you that the majority of people you suspected as the same person, was precisely that. You can tell by their writing style. Not immediately, but over time.

      While I tend to agree that one registers under one name and is bound to that name, the ability to
      change like L.E. Phant ( I admit, that was kinda cute ) but I take that name as “I’m not forgetting ”

      Ok, that might be a stretch, but I thing it had a message attached to it.

      That’s where the mixup in ones mind might aggribate, and I agree with you for the most part.

      Who cares what some ‘loonie tuner says back to you?’ Hey, I’ve blown my stack her once at what I thought was a comment from an obvious abuser. They came back with me with such venom you could
      almost see the poisonous tongue jump right through the monitor.

      The kick was, I observed, I commented , I watched them lose it ! (i.e., I knew they were NUTS from the
      get go.) I was angry as hell for 20 minutes, but then I was able to laugh. Course, I have no idea who they were, but the way they reacted proved the point …to myself. They were Sa Sa Sa Psssycho !

      Fuck these mnkeys. Don’t let ’em bug you.

      Glad you have graduated. Re: Free Therapy? It would be cool if there were a resident trained professsional on the site.

      PS. You sure there’s not more truth in your posts than you’re revealing?
      Maybe I’m a mindreader of sorts, but I have proven over 30 some years to be pretty damn good at it.
      Love is my Achilles Heel. I got this notion once that (never did LOOK for it, a few happened..with no
      premeditation. That is, I once thought it maight be better to get to know someone online (I hate
      online…but then talked to a few of the ‘good ones’ via phone. I was thinking it might be better than the
      typical “end up in bed on first or second date” traditional way of courtship.

      Alas, that theory proven wrong. It looked so good on paper. I was an abysmal failure at it.
      I never was, the other way. I just didn’t have the communication skills I have now.

      It’s a damn shame I’ve played all my red heart cards. I expect a lot of black spades, but just maybe,
      the may be one diamond left in the game. My chips are so low…not looking too promising.

      Regarding the ‘someone thinking you were their cheating ex?’ Was that in your mind?

      Or did they come right out and address you by your handle and insinuate, to YOU, that were ‘the bad
      girl ? ‘

      I think some people on here have been lying to themselves for so long, it seeps into their relationships.
      I’m not talking to you, but I know I’ve seen that too.

      I do thank the Ed /owner of this site for having the imagination to create such a forum. I like, Kasey,
      think I’m ready for my final party, get my gold watch, and go on a fishing trip. Fishing and golfing.

      God, that sounds relaxing. I’m sure gonna miss that crazy girl I came on to talk about. But I got my
      answers. Like that old cop show I vaguely remember as a kid, maybe it was Joe Friday, I got my ‘man ‘

      Two birds with one stone.

    4. Um.
      August 2, 2013 at 7:02 am

      While I applaud your coming out, I think you missed the point. No one needs a hero here. No one needs someone to tell them what’s wrong with them or to fix them. And no one cares who you are. As the above comment stated, stop reading so much into it. Let it be what it is. End of story.

    5. Kasey
      August 2, 2013 at 2:14 pm

      @Um – The only person I’m being a “hero” to here is myself by not taking the abusive bullshit from someone threatening me – A PERSON THEY DO NOT KNOW. So if it’s acceptable for you to get constantly ragged on by strangers because they have the wrong person, yet take it out on you, and then threaten you, more power to you. Sorry, but I’m cutting myself out of their delusion. You know, the ol’ you can’t change anybody but yourself and how you react scenerio? And the little “um” there wasn’t lost on me. I do speak smartass. ;o)

      @Big long nose – the person called me their bitch cheating ex, yes. And you lost me there with whatever you were trying to infer as to why I’m here. I think I made it all very clear.

    6. Um.
      August 2, 2013 at 4:06 pm

      Pretty sure you are overreacting. But if you think providing a name on a website that could be yours or not yours makes you super awesome and you as well as others have decided you are a super sleuth, then more power to your bad self. I think you are being ridiculous in realizing this sight is no longer healthy for you and that you are standing in the way of letting it be healthy for others by calling people out. You are the one who started all this by writing a post calling everybody out. So why not be the bigger person and end it by letting whatever obscure point you are trying to make go.

    7. Kasey
      August 2, 2013 at 7:27 pm

      Whatever you say….sure you’re not confusing me with the crazy lady on the other letter that won’t let shit go? Ah, who cares. Fuck it. Well, I’m going to take the advice of a couple people here and will no longer waste my time with “crazy”. Good luck with that enlightening bit you have going on. Take care!

    8. Buttons
      August 2, 2013 at 9:59 pm

      @Um. Thank you! I was hoping someone else was thinking what I was thinking!

    9. @um...leave Kasey alone
      August 2, 2013 at 10:01 pm

      @um…I definately do not know both of you but I can yell you that you are being a total bitch to Kasey. You really are the one with problems(mental) major, and need to fuck off! and get off her back. Go deal with your loveless life issues another way(No wonder, they are running away from you and you are trying to rationalize it). We are tired of your need to enlighten us with your delusional, bitchy attitude. You are like an unwanted pestering fly. Kasey, go ahead and make whatever points you want to. It is a free public site, and some of us like what you have to say. Um, time to leave Kasey alone. Now shoo away!!!! disapear and let her alone. I would gladly swat you if you were a fly on my wall. Shooo!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. Um.
      August 3, 2013 at 12:42 pm

      Public sites go both ways. Which means it’s allowable for people to disagree with a post. Don’t like it, tough. Shooing someone and claiming a site public in the same comment is ridiculous and hypocrisy. This is the risk you take when you post publicly. Not everyone will agree with you. That’s what happens when people are different.

    11. @Buttons
      August 3, 2013 at 3:15 pm

      Right on!

    12. @everyone
      August 4, 2013 at 5:42 am

      Hey children!

      You all make me laugh, you really do as everyone of you are broken…& guess what you really are immature! Have a look how you’re all acting, responding to a person who if this was real life…what would you do? Punch them in the face, break their nose, spit on them with words like now….NO you would walk away & say I’m glad they aren’t my friend, as it’s our choice who we have as friends in life?

      I’m a man if you must know who may or may not be on that list….or am I:)

      I’ll tell you something…if any of you were men & spoke me like that I’d floor you & you’d be waking up in hospital thinking….shit why did I say that…I must have pushed them to far…luckily your females & real men don’t ever ever EVER do anything of that nature to a female as those “little boys” aren’t men but mice!

      I’ll say this to you girls…Do you realise anger is a defence mechanism? To get a man to rise to anger is usually because a woman has said some nasty cruel things that have struck that man’s heart. To a man that hurts more than the physical pain, for me anyway, & women know this and wonder why we raise our voices….I’m not saying its right in any shape or form as then the man has lost his composure and it wont matter what’s said then as the female is now in fear which she inadvertently(I can only hope) created by what she done.

      Do you all realise that there are always a reaction for an action….Men are still hunters, for cash now instead of meat, we are built to react to threats. People think just because we have evolved that men are no longer “men”. Then we all would be nurturers…women, doesn’t make sense does it? Would you rather a man punch you in the face than just lash out with words????????

      I’ve seen many instances where the women wind their men up to BOOM! & people wonder why me, well think on it?

      How does that saying go…..words are but just words & & water off a duck’s back. It’s because if the words weren’t true why would we bother even retaliating as who would care if they were bullshit. The sword is mightier than the pen though as I can’t make heads roll with a pen? Seriously now I’m rambling lol….said the crazy man who was pushed way to far by a woman who knows she is the instigator where this manly victim is sick of being nice to people his whole life and to be fucked over. No more. Where’s my gloves, hold on why would I want gloves, to soften the pain……

      PS….These are thoughts on LINS & I detest any man who ever touches a woman & have even helped several damsels in distress with abusive partners who think its alright to do that shit in public! With 14 years of several martial arts learnt those men did end up wondering why! And those silly women who let themselves become the victims chastised me for it when they were seconds before being literally beaten in public….I still don’t understand that? Also men that have learnt what I have, including many of the men I know who are were/are at a state, country, and even world level never do stuff like that and you would be surprised to know you wouldn’t even pick us out of group of ppl talking when out as yes, we are all confident fit men who don’t need to impress others with our ego’s, but pick on us, our female partners, friends, someone in dire need… physically…we always warn them first in a calm and collective manner as we know what we say will happen! Never ever physically start anything you can’t finish as you’ll suddenly see the fire in our eyes and a smile that will suddenly make you realise… right before you the lights go out.

      Why do women on all these sites catlike fight yet in real life I rarely ever see anything like this….We should get you women in the ring and settle this like…….Real ppl who would apologise or walk away, run for the hills not this petty shit….My two cents worth…Who Am I, the length should reveal who I am!

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