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    you’ll get a kick out of this – i was over at my friend’s and she has a big big screen tv and i put that youtube video of you on where you’re sitting on the couch talking. a minute or two into it i realized that it was like having you there in the room with just us kickin’ it and chattin’ it up. i almost passed the fuck out. for reals.

    i want you to know that i feel a connection to you that is totally unreal and out of this world. i don’t tell you everyday because i think it would frighten you. i also know i’m not the only one who claims to feel this way for you. this scares the holy hell out of me. i’m not really sure i even know where or how to begin expressing my emotional state.

    plus you should know i’ve got these preconceived notions and an imagination that would thrill and chill you. btw i always wondered how they got those women to do such things without hesitation and getting to know you explains it a lot. i think i get it now. i’m just up in the air on what to make of it all.

    pretty much i don’t scream my feelings off the roof tops or show you the intense urgency it deserves because, well you’ve got that covered. don’t you agree? and then some. it’s not so much i’m insecure, really everybody is a little at one time or another, seeing as i know you’ll never find a better heart than mine.

    and not that I’m either one but think mother theresa or lady diana (they both died on the same day – it crushed me) but i do think i have the same kind of heart as they both had. i also think that you do as well, regardless of your hobbies. don’t forget the only perfect person that walked the earth we nailed to a cross. so thus our sins can be forgiven.

    i understand your position probably a lot more than you give me credit for. i don’t think knowing that this is going to be painful no matter which choice i make gives me much comfort in case you wondered. our mental health should be taken into consideration as well. i would hope you wouldn’t want me to suffer.

    anyways unless i wasn’t making myself clear as of late I LOVE YOU WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING DAMN IT! i thought you knew. actually i know you do. i’ll admit i’m starting to think you are more like me than i can handle. and i’m damn hard to handle ya gotta know by now sweet stuff!

    ~ <3 Me

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