• Why didn’t I believe you? A sample

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    So what REALLY happened, D? Should I check with Lance Romance?

    How did we go from “Good moring my handsome husband. I love you more every day” (two days prior….and for about 6 months daily) to you disappearing? Now i always suspected you had a few in the ‘stable’ as backup, but i believe I found out the real answer.

    But before I spend any more time on this, let’s cover the only issue we ever had any fight about?

    The “Oh, I’m just so slippery. That’s me alright” …the words you used to use when the suspicions arose. NO WONDER you do these
    long distance relationships. It gives you freedom to mess around. But now, i can see that karma is biting you back within a week.

    See, your long time ‘flame’ is a sadist. He doesn’t give a flying F about you. He reels you in, and casts you out. How you maintain your sanity is beyond me. Well, Lol. I think i know how. I question it. If there is any.

    Back to that topic of ‘Now what reasons could he ever have to doubt my word?” Let’s cover a few:

    1. Your name. HOW LONG was it before I knew your real name? (i.e., what kind of deep dark secret DO you have?)
    2. Aunt & Uncle you live with, rent free? They are your PARENTS ! (nice try with the ‘my father____________me” Wow. That’s unreal to use
    something like that to grab heartstrings. But you’re the Master. The Best. No woman or human being, ever lied like this. Your beau doesn’t
    know; it’s impossible. There’s no way he would have you, assuming he’s not completely whacked out of his mind.
    I am about 60/40 on that one. Maybe 70/30
    3. So you REALLY graduated from Harvard? Do tell !
    With an MBA on top of it? But you can barely get a position that
    pays slightly over minimum wage? Is it starting to add up….why I
    may have had to question you (only when things were very
    suspicious, I might add)
    4. The car and the licensing? You’ve been bitching about it for a
    year. It takes less than a day to get all that wrapped up. why
    would anyone NOT do that? Simple. It was revoked by a judge and
    you’ll be back on the road the day it’s lifted.
    5. How do you DO this? Is it just such a long term habit that now
    it’s a part of you? It’s routine. After really considering all this
    for a few months prior to ME breaking up with YOU…I was starting
    to come to grips with the fact that at best, I could only believe
    50% of what you said, and probably 20% when you were under

    I have a longer list that I will be asking you. Not here, necessarily. But I do want an answer. I changed my entire life to accommodate being with you. There were SCORES of major decisions I would have made differently. And your ‘ex’ hacking my computer? And what’s with the messaging?

    Why not texting like we did all day? Someone watching him? It’s all quite fascinating. Oh, I’m staying miles away from that subject, for the record. Assuming my computer is never hacked again, that is.

    Back to the big question, as I will soon ask my other 40 ‘trust issue’ questions in the near future, somewhere else.

    I was surprised, that when I asked you 3 very simple questions about your ‘ex’ ….and they were not unreasonable, was the reason this entire long relationship came to a screaming halt? Talk about a hot potato ! So THAT was what you were hiding all along………wow.

    No calls later that day, i had to initiate a text the next, a short snappy one….and then my belief that I did solve the ‘caper’ because under no circumstances under any normal or even the most extreme conditions, would such simple questions lead to an abrupt ending of an

    I was right. He’s been hidden from me for possibly the entire duration of our fairly lengthy relationship.

    I’m not going to be some baby and whine “Look what you did to me” Waaah. But there’s no doubt, it will take a miracle for me to
    ever trust again. “I’m not like all your other girlfriends” you tried drilling in my brain. No, you’re right, you weren’t.

    You were the biggest liar and con of all of them. And you know what guided me to all the right places to catch you? My gut instinct. It was a bit amazing, even to me. It was like I was guided by some higher power. Imagine, literally feeling what your “Love of your Life” was doing halfway across America. The immediate bad gut feels that would come upon me with no notice, I even wrote down. That’s because they were so unusual; I might have one every 3 years. I was getting them every 4-5 days. Must have been when you were making love, is my guess.

    Right out of the book. “Help. I’m in Love with a Narcissist”
    It was like they floowed you for years and wrote the book. Every page had you on it. And to think you covered your tail with all your ‘so called friends’ by bashing me, making every incident 4x more dramatic than what really happened, so should this happen, you could say “It was all him”

    Classic. Right out of the book.
    Actually, I read 4 of them. Yes, you are the Big N.

    That guy better bone up. No pun. Read the books. Because I know this is how you approach every man. You’re ‘perfect’ and ‘loving.’
    Imagine. He’s known you for years, an he still ‘doesn’t know.’

    So who’d really smarter, D?

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