• where do i go.

    by  • July 30, 2013 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    where do i go, i have no idea, i have no idea what i’m doing anymore. i’m just going through day by day, just trying to get back and some how enjoy myself alittle, but in doing that i’v been burning bridges with the people who actually care about me, i fight with them and shit because they want the best for me and all i can seem to do is party and shit. i really need to get my shit together, and thats what all this is saying to me. i need to stop with all the bullshit and actually act right. if i can just get this second chance i’b do everything i could to make things right. i just need another chance, i’v used all my others up. and it took me getting to having no one left for me to realize how wrong i’v been. i hate myself for how badly i’v acted and all the mistakes i’v made. what the hell i’m going to do i have no idea but i have faith that something good is gonna come out of this, it has to cause i’m already in the dumps, and things could always get worse but i have faith they wont, if i get the second chance, this restart i have to do things a hell of alot different then i did before. i have to actually act like i have some since, i have to grow the fuck up and stop worrying about drugs and parties. i got caught up in trying to live that life style. i need to actually get to business and really be about acting my age. start doing the right things, cause when i was doing the right things nothing but good things were happening to me. god i just need one of those jesus moments.

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