• Inventions

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    Weapons: made to protect. Now used for self-gain and disposing of the unwanted.

    Schools: made to educate. Now used for overcharging students, with lack of motivation to teach.

    Banks and money: to stabilize trade and economy. Now used to control society.

    Cars: made to travel with quick ease. Now used for exploiting speed and “excitement”, along with lack of updated safety concerns.

    Phones: made to ease communication and span. Now used like a narcotic, loaded with things more than unnecessary.

    Internet: made for accessible knowledge and communication. Now used to ridicule and deceive for self-pleasure.

    All of these things have hurt and killed someone, leaving society broken apart beyond our blinded eyes. The inventors never intended this to happen; they just never foresaw how far humanity could take things.

    Power: to be used in limited quantities, lest our world be destroyed by our very own hands.

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