• for my best friend

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    Yes you, you know who you are, the one who is reading this, you will understand this letter it is for you, everyone will think it’s for them but it’s not, it’s for you and you only…

    You say to me that you “love me loads” but you don’t love me the way I want you to love me, you are my best friend who means the world to me I have crossed the line already and there is no going back over that line for me but you, you have yet to cross that line, if I meant something to you more than I think then u would have crossed that line already. The only reason I am not writing to you anymore is because there is no point what ever i say falls on deaf ears you will never see me in the way I want you to see me. remember I spoke to you about my brother he asked me something about u a question and I repeated that question to you, do you know why I repeated that question? Because I wanted to see what your answer was and you said yes i’m “something” read your old message from me you will see the answer you gave me.

    That is why I asked you because I wanted to see what your response was and I got the answer I needed to hear it wasn’t what I wanted to hear but it was I guess I needed to hear.

    I guess all i’m trying to say is it’s okay it’s fine and i’m sorry, i’m sorry for the way I am with you for putting you in that position all the time i’m sorry I love you and know I always will love you way more than any friend should love another.

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