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    Dear M.,

    You probably won’t ever come across this letter. You’ve definitely moved on, you don’t have the time and need in the world to check this website, and frankly you don’t care about any person you’ve dumped to possibly do so.

    I’ve known you since the beginning high school before we became more than friends. I kept my love quiet and constant, but in pain for the first four years. You relished in that, just as you did with someone else while we were still together.

    I’ve learned how important the women in Harry Potter are to your personality and behaviour. You a strong person who let me go gently by not giving me reason why we split. You were the Hermione the professional, the McGonagall, the Molly Weasley of your friends and family, the strength and desire to be true to yourself as Ginny exhibits, occasionally the Bellatrix/Delores Umbridge double side that you wanted to break free from. I saw all of this too late– you were indeed amazing, but this does not make me sad as I know there are women out there like you or better than you who I can relate to now. We were part of each others’ personal growth and I thank you. You became a beautiful woman and I am sure your next lover and SO is very lucky to have you.

    There was no chance of redemption to you, no ifs or buts because your ship had sailed. I couldn’t handle it when you broke the news, and especially after not responding to me for an entire week. You had me worried not just as a lover but as a friend for your safety and well-being. I admit I overreacted and sad many things that I did not mean from just not understanding why I was faced with this big shock. Looking back, I’m glad we parted ways because I have have matured and have a deeper understanding of you, women and myself.

    My regret is that we gave up on being as friends. I had romantic feelings for you, but much of it has left me. Harry and Hermione had a strong relationship that was platonic, and that was what made it strong and beneficial to both. Our love changed just as theirs did, and in some ways was more valuable than the broken relationship we had.

    I love you M. Much more differently and I have accepted change. Part of me wishes you do see this letter, but the whole point of me writing this is because you never will. Thank you for being a significant person in my life and I am sure we will find whatever way we can from here on out to reach greatness.


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