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    this time for good, this time for forever
    and even though I am not over you just yet, not by a long shot
    I have survived all this time without you; I know I will make it.
    It has become easier, bearable, so I am counting on that eventually all the memories will be gone.
    Eventually, you will be just a very distant, insignificant memory
    I am sorry I ever met you, I am sorry I trusted you
    I regret from the bottom of my heart all the beautiful feelings I felt for you. Such a waste on somebody who doesn’t deserve them.
    The beauty and purity of what I felt for you should only be felt for those capable of having tender feelings, you are a monster, a beast. You deserve nothing but ugliness.
    You don’t deserve my love and certainly you don’t deserve my tears, you should be the one crying endlessly, you should be the one crying when you go to bed, waking up in the middle of the night and waking up in the morning crying, you are the one who should be miserable because you can’t see me and because you can’t face your future without me. You are the one who should burst into tears during different times during the day for apparently no reason at all.

    If there is any justice in this life you will love me and adore me until your dying breath and regret every day of your life for having been so horrible towards me. My only mistake was trusting you and falling in love with you.

    Good bye, loser


    the best thing that ever crossed your path.

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    1. lupe
      July 29, 2013 at 4:47 am

      Your right you were the best thing….sow.why did you and how could you do what you did ….before all the above mentioned I did nothing to you but love you….and syand by your abuse.ask gourself how u would kf reacted had someone dkne what you did and the shoe was on the oppisite foot….you only see what youve been told to see a.d whatever justifies where ur at deep down h know which is why you still have feeli.g yoh bavd to act the way you have in order to be where ur at ..none the less karma will see its way with yoh..me and everyone …I never wanted this and told you id give u a reason.

    2. You know
      July 29, 2013 at 9:27 am

      @Lupe, people should stop answering as if the letters posted are directed at them. Very annoying and rude. I have no idea who you are Lupe.

    3. Frank
      July 29, 2013 at 2:15 pm

      Well written. Although in the bottom of your heart, you might never forget this person especially if he was your first love. People do change over time and learn. This person does have a lack of dignity, but whatever gets you through the day.

    4. Waldole
      July 30, 2013 at 2:52 am

      @lupe. dont worry man, she lashes out out at everyone.

      See, here’s the deal. I hope some people ‘get it.’ Be very clear: It is a horrible reality to face
      as doing so gives you less faith in mankind. or womankind. A belief that people are ‘basically good’
      is a very strong foundation that has some real control of your life, but it’s on a subconscious level first.

      Now that the understanding that there are people out there who literally, see reality exactly the OPPOSITE of what it really is, granted, is quite rare. I have known someone for nearly two years, who did this.

      Now, it’s totally shooting in the dark here, so let this be an independent answer, as this could be for thousands of people. I would feel better that my departed love (the circumstances are too bizarre to even mention; there was no fight) would not feel as the author does.

      Because it is I who should be harboring such an attitude. She was treated like a princess, and the only variation from that was when she did some things that were highly suspicious. Question her? Impossible.

      But it wouldn’t surprise me that she might adopt such an attitude.

      I’d feel sorry for her in a sense, and if I were younger, my first reaction and I probably would have done it, would get her to a counselor ASAP, under the guise of something unrealated so she wouldn’t get defensive.

      I’m educated enough now in the area (40 + psychology books; excellent) to know these types can’t be fixed. Again, this is NOT directed at the author.

      Just as the letters can be directed at only one person, but could apply to thousands, so could a comment that relates to the mindset.

      It would be too invasive to ask the writer for specifics. Actually, thats another key to this personality type discussed. everything is in ‘generalities.’ You will never get specifics. Ever.

      I notice the ‘You will love and adore me…..” part. Now, if this was for another guy I know (of) OH, he played her like a Stradivarius. I believe his intent was to totally punish her. He was a sadist. He broke up our (at least my) hope of a lifetime with my darling girl. Course, it took two to ‘tango’

      But there is a familiarity with this line of thinking; it certainly hits close to home.
      In my case, the cruelty of both at this sudden end* helped me from being totally devastated.

      (in only 48 hours! For illustration purposes, we were together for 13000 hours )

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