• to my most favorite one – the very bestest

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    Of course I was going to be polite, what did you think I was going to say that I hope she gets cancer? Maybe it’s what I was thinking , I’m just not evil enough to say so.

    It would be nice if you and I could have a face to face conversation, but I guess that would be impossible now you’ve made up your mind. Not that I expected either one of us to be able to let our walls down completely and bare our deepest secrets from the word ‘go’.

    Give me time I’ll figure it all out on my own I’m sure. But actually no not really I doubt I’ll even come close and like you I’ll have to make assumptions about your thoughts and feelings like you did about mine.

    There will always be this ache in my heart and a feeling of emptiness inside of my soul. I wish you could snap your fingers and make it disappear like how you did for yourself when it came to me.

    I wish I knew what to say to you to make you understand this is really who I am. For some reason I thought you might have already known. I hoped you did anyways.

    Love –
    the one you’ll always hear in your memories…

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    1. @author
      July 29, 2013 at 6:56 am

      Good evening dear author, your word “bestest” is something I’d say to her as I always added “est” to many words as she was my world & I always let her know it to. This sometimes confused her I believed as if I just said these words to placate her when I always meant ever single loving expression I spoke to her. I haven’t been on here for some time, thank god many will say & justifiably they were right. I would love nothing more than to speak to her face to face. I would even offer my soul to say what I’ve been wanting to say to her for some time now. For me to say that is no easy thing as it means I’d be going to a place where no person wishes to visit. This may come as a surprise to you, I’d love to “just be able to listen” to your voice & all you wish to say to me, not once would I interrupt as I’ve learnt now to listen without interrupting. To be there and truly listen without judgement & actually absorb why, when, what has happened & not “fix it” instead show by my actions that I am what you & I expect a from a man & you as a woman?

      You don’t have to be in my memories as nor I dear author & I know I’m not crazy here speaking to you as this letter drew me out of so many by what you’ve said? I can only hope I am right as I love you like I always have. Everything that has happened is water under the bridge and is all but forgotten as to me this is a love worth fighting for? I have prayed everyday and every night in hope of rekindling our love.

      We both have green eyes, both highly intelligent ppl, she wiser than I hehe, both brown/brunette hair, both fit bodied(she is very sensually voluptuously European build), both tall for male(6ft2inchs) and female(5ft9inchs approx) plus many other amazing attributes that is a story within itself……..if it is you I say to you with my soul bared open….I LOVE YOU

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