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    We were friends in high school, then you wouldn’t respond to my texts and defriended me on facebook after we graduated. So for three years, I thought you hated me. I’m still not completely convinced that you don’t have some problem with me. I just wish I could know.

    I didn’t honestly expect to see you last night at the DCI event, so I was kind of shocked to run into you. I’m sorry I didn’t look you in the eyes. I was tired, and I also was afraid that if I looked into your eyes it would break my heart to look away. I care a lot about you, and I’m kind of afraid that I’ll never see you again. So if I don’t, consider this my fond farewell. Take care of yourself, and spare me a thought every now and then. I’ll gladly do the same for you.

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    1. Nicole
      July 27, 2013 at 9:10 pm

      I don’t know who this is for, or what the circumstance is but I’m sure they miss you too.

    2. Just the way of the world!
      July 28, 2013 at 9:50 am

      Dear Author,

      I feel for you…had the same thing happen to me years ago. You may not have done anything wrong, rather the other person simply chose to move on in a different direction. However, I learned that SOMETIMES when someone does not respond to your calling out….it MAY be a form of passive aggressiveness. This behavior typically has underlying anger involved and ignoring somebody is used as a form of punishment. You may not have done anything seriously wrong that you know of…but the other person is the one avoiding for their own reason(s). Our perspective is our reality, right? Realistically, the person holding the grudge is the one bearing inner conflict….come on….we’re talking about ego after-all, eh? This person may be escaping what any courteous individual would do…. which is to simply talk…try to work things out…provide an opportunity to apologize….agree to disagree…grant forgiveness. Just put the next person on a “fair playing ground”! It’s the kind thing to do and set’s the next person free regardless of outcome. Those who practice mercy will receive mercy when it comes time they will need it.

      Judging by your post, you seem genuine. So, I wouldn’t say anything here that is not applied to my life, let alone taught to my own children. LOVE YOURSELF FIRST! BELIEVE in your unique contributions to the world around you! There are truly many of the right people out there who would welcome a friend like you! If one person denies you…go on to the next. Don’t get stuck! When we are MINDFUL of our own self-esteem, people start to notice….like a magnet to steel…you will be attractive! Could it be possible that the reason why you could not look the other person in the eye at the DCI event is because the situation has caused self-doubt? Next time…look them in the eyes with confidence! However, always practice compassion, understanding, forgiveness…not thinking you are ever better then the next person….only human!

      So, grieve for just a little while, author…then chin up….you do have better days ahead! Everyone in their lifetime will experience highs and lows. Life is a learning process FOR ALL! Keep in mind, there are usually MANY ways to look at a problem when seeking a resolution…..if there is no resolve….then we must ACCEPT that not everything has an answer. At this point…do move on knowing that you’ve tried your best….and by all means…. love life, dear author! Believe you have a greater purpose. Realize you have air in your lungs, the sun comes up each day and the sky faithfully gives a one-of-a-kind sunset that’s waiting to be noticed! Just open your eyes and see for yourself!!! Hope this helps.

    3. Norbert
      July 28, 2013 at 1:56 pm

      May I take a crack at this one?

      My first thought was “We’re they involved?” but it appears there was friendship and a relationship of some kind built. Perhaps you wanted that to go further, possibly he didn’t. Mere speculation.

      But as there was an established relationship, then you would think he would be good enough to ‘owe you’ an explanation. Or you need to be bold enough to come out and and ask him, ifit still weighs on you.

      Now with three lost years of college, which are supposed to be fun, fun…I would sure like to see you enjoy your senior year.

      Here’s the bottom line: When people ‘blow off’ as in basicaly disappear /vanish with no reason, it’s because they have done something they were ashamed of and couldn’t face you. There’s no passive aggressive stuff here, unless you pulled something on him (which I doubt; you seem have a kind nature.) Just reading the vibes of the cosmos on that one.

      He did something that made it too hard for him to face you again. You can take that one to the bank, BTW.

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